Advanced Batteries – Global Market Size, Regulations, Competitive Landscape and Pricing Analysis to 2020...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】Advanced Batteries - Global Market Size, Regulations, Competitive Landscape and Pricing Analysis to 2020



1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 4
1.1 List of Tables 8
1.2 List of Figures 9
2 Introduction to Energy Storage Devices 10
2.1 Types of Energy Storage Devices 10
2.1.1 Mechanical 11
2.1.2 Electrical 11
2.1.3 Thermal 12
2.1.4 Electrochemical 12
2.2 Types of Electrochemical Devices 13
2.2.1 Flow Batteries 13
2.2.2 Fuel Cells 13
2.2.3 Electrical Batteries 14
2.3 Technology Analysis of Advanced Batteries 15
2.3.1 Characteristics of Advanced Batteries 15
2.3.2 Lithium-ion Batteries 16
2.3.3 Nickel-based Battery 18
2.4 New Technologies in Advanced Batteries 20
2.4.1 Smart Nano Technology 20
2.4.2 SILX Technology 21
2.5 Advanced Battery – Applications 23
2.5.1 Consumer Applications 23
2.5.2 Automotive Applications 23
2.5.3 Military and Aerospace Applications 24
2.5.4 Medical Applications 25
2.6 GlobalData Report Guidance 26
3 Advanced Batteries 27
3.1 Overview 27
3.2 Types of Advanced Batteries 27
3.3 Comparison to Conventional Batteries 28
3.3.1 Performance 28
3.3.2 Price Analysis 28
3.3.3 Longevity 29
4 Advanced Batteries Market, Global 32
4.1 Advanced Batteries Market, Global, Overview 32
4.2 Advanced Battery Market, Global, Drivers 34
4.2.1 Need for Advanced Energy Storage Systems with High Energy and Power Density 34
4.2.2 Growth in Consumer Electronics and Portable Devices 34
4.2.3 Successful Commercialization of Hybrid Electric Vehicles 35
4.2.4 Government Support and Incentives 35
4.3 Advanced Battery Market, Global, Challenges 36
4.3.1 Safety Issues for both Portable and HEV Li-ion Batteries 36
4.3.2 High Initial Costs 37
4.3.3 Lithium Production and Supply may be a Bottleneck 38
4.4 Advanced Battery Market, Global, Revenue, 2008–2020 39
4.5 Advanced Battery Market, Lithium-based, Global, Revenue, 2008–2020 41
4.6 Advanced Battery Market – Nickel-based, Global, Revenue, 2008–2020 43
4.7 Advanced Battery Market, Global, Market Segmentation, 2008–2020 45
4.8 Advanced Battery Market, Cost Analysis, 2008–2020 48
4.9 Lithium-based Battery Energy Storage Systems, 2009–2020 52
4.10 Lithium Ion Battery Market, Global Market Share by Production, 2012 55
4.11 Advanced Battery Market, Global, Competitive Analysis 56
4.11.1 The Panasonic Corporation. 57
4.11.2 Samsung SDI 58
4.11.3 LG Chem, Inc. 59
4.11.4 China BAK Battery 60
4.11.5 BYD Company Ltd. 60
5 Advanced Batteries Market, The US 61
5.1 Advanced Batteries Market, The US, Overview 61
5.2 Advanced Battery Market, The US, Revenue, 2008–2020 62
5.3 Advanced Battery Market, The US, Market Segmentation, 2008–2020 64
5.4 Advanced Battery Market, The US, Regulations 66
5.4.1 Vision for 2025: A Framework for Change 66
5.4.2 Grants 66
5.4.3 Mercury-containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act 66
6 Advanced Batteries Market, UK 68
6.1 Advanced Batteries Market, UK, Overview 68
6.2 Advanced Battery Market, UK, Revenue, 2008–2020 69
6.3 Advanced Battery Market, UK, Market Segmentation, 2008–2020 71
6.4 Advanced Battery Market, UK, Regulations 73
7 Advanced Batteries Market, Germany 74
7.1 Advanced Batteries Market, Germany, Overview 74
7.2 Advanced Battery Market, Germany, Revenue, 2008–2020 75
7.3 Advanced Battery Market, Germany, Market Segmentation, 2008–2020 77
7.4 Advanced Battery Market, Germany, Regulations 79
7.4.1 Policy Support for Electric Vehicles 79
7.4.2 Battery Act to Ensure Safe Usage 80
8 Advanced Batteries Market, China 83
8.1 Advanced Batteries Market, China, Overview 83
8.2 Advanced Battery Market, China, Revenue, 2008–2020 84
8.3 Advanced Battery Market, China, Market Segmentation, 2008–2020 86
8.4 Advanced Battery Market, China, Regulations 88
9 Advanced Batteries Market, Japan 90
9.1 Advanced Batteries Market, Japan, Overview 90
9.2 Advanced Battery Market, Japan, Revenue, 2008–2020 91
9.3 Advanced Battery Market, Japan, Market Segmentation, 2008–2020 93
9.4 Advanced Battery Market, Japan, Regulations 95
9.4.1 METI Subsidies for Low-carbon Industry 95
9.4.2 Subsidies for the Acquisition of Electric Vehicles 95
9.4.3 Fuel Efficiency Standard to Promote the Use of Battery-operated Vehicles 95
10 Advanced Batteries Market, India 96
10.1 Advanced Batteries Market, India, Overview 96
10.2 Advanced Battery Market, India, Revenue, 2008–2020 97
10.3 Advanced Battery Market, India, Market Segmentation, 2008–2020 99
10.4 Advanced Battery Market, India, Regulations 101
10.4.1 Subsidies and Duty Exemptions 101
10.4.2 Green Car Policy 101
11 Appendix 102
11.1 Abbreviations 102
11.2 Sources 104
11.3 Methodology 105
11.3.1 Secondary Research 105
11.3.2 Primary Research 106
11.3.3 Market Estimates and Assumptions 106
11.4 Disclaimer 107


■ タイトル:Advanced Batteries – Global Market Size, Regulations, Competitive Landscape and Pricing Analysis to 2020
■ 英文:Advanced Batteries - Global Market Size, Regulations, Competitive Landscape and Pricing Analysis to 2020
■ 発行日:2013年6月27日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403161150
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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