4G Handsets: Evaluating the Impact of LTE, Applications, and Anticipated Usage...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



Executive Summary 6
Introduction 7
Key Technologies 8
LTE Architecture 11
Current Market Segment 14
3GPP 18
Key Service Advances 23
Mobile Devices Developments 25
Network Interfaces 26
Mobile Interfaces 26
High-Performance Broadband Systems27
EDGE/HSPA/LTE features 30
Migration from the Current Networks to LTE Strategies32
LTE Based Applications 33
CDMA2000 with LTE 33
WiMAX with LTE 35
4G devices 38
LTE Networks (FDD and TDD) with Handsets 41
The Difference between FDD and TDD and its Effect on Mobile Devices46
The Market in LTE (FDD and TDD) for Mobile Handsets 47
Mobile Handsets Developments for LTE 49
Mobile Handsets 55
Differences between 3G and 4G Systems 59
4G Handsets 60
3GPP LTE and 4G Handsets 63
Challenges in 4G Handsets Design 64
Solutions and Ideas to Develop State-Of-the-Art 4 G Handsets 65
4G Handset Market 2012-2017 66
4G Applications71
The VR-Mall Concept 71
VR-mall Personalization Engine 72
VR-world Generator 73
3D in Mobile Phones 74
3D Applications76
Challenges of the 3D in Handsets 78
Solutions to Overcome Challenges 79
List of Phones that Uses 3D technology80
Future of the 3D Applications in Mobile Devices 81
Augmented Reality 81
Introduction 81
AR 3D applications 84
Tracking User’s Position 86
QR Codes 88
Mobile Systems in AR 90
Collaborative Applications 94
Augmented Reality Challenges 96
AR Applications98
AR in Tourism 100
AR and Face Recognition 100
Case Study: How to Use AR with in 4G Handsets 101
Web 2.0 and Social Software 101
Location-based Service in AR 102
Conclusion 102
RFID and Handsets 103
B2B Mobile Applications 105
Features of B2B Mobile Application 106
Future Trends 107
4G and LTE Effect on Subscribers 107
Handsets Effect 107
LTE Effect 109
VoIP Mobile 109
Mobile TV 110
Video Calling 110
Intelligent Billing System 111
Location Commerce 112
LBS Applications 115
Location Mobile Commerce 116
Government Public Service 116
Vehicles Telematics 117
LBS Commerce Benefits 118
Users Purchases and LBS 118
Gizmondo 121
Mogi 121
Gunslinger 121
The 4G Effect on the User Behavior to 2015 123
Services and Applications 128
Spectrum, and Unlicensed Bands 129
Integrity, Privacy, and Security 130
Development in China and Other NICs 130
Other Challenges 130
Different Wireless Systems 131
Summary 133
User-Generated Content in LTE 134
Conclusion 135
LTE Plans Worldwide 137
LTE 1800 Devices Compatibility 138
The US Market 138
The Mexican Market 141
The Canadian Market 142
The Puerto Rican Market 142
The Colombian Market 142
Chile Market 143
The Brazilian Market 143
Core Diameter Market to 2012-2016 143
Throughput Performance 145
LTE Performance Analysis 148
Latency 149
Throughput Performance 152
Market Potential for Mobile Phone Devices in Asia 155
The Market for Mobile Phone Devices in Asia: 2011 – 2016 157
Asia-Pacific mobile telecommunications market 157
Overview 157
International Market, and the Asia-Pacific Market 158
The Asia-Pacific Market Companies 161
The Market Overview 167
Companies Strategies in the Asian-Pacific market 169
Summary 173
Market Potential for Mobile Phone Devices in Europe 175
The Market for Mobile Phone Devices in Europe: 2011 – 2016 176
The European Mobile Telecommunications Market 177
Overview 177
Mobile License Distribution 177
The European Market Analysis 185
The Analysis of the Major Operators in Europe (T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone) 190
Conclusion 194
Market Potential for Mobile Phone Devices in Latin America 196
The Market for Mobile Phone Devices in Latin America: 2011 – 2016 197
The Latin American Mobile Market 197
Introduction 197
The Market in the Past 198
The Market in 2004 199
The Market in 2005 202
The Market in 2006 203
The Market in 2007 to 2010 206
Conclusion 208


■ タイトル:4G Handsets: Evaluating the Impact of LTE, Applications, and Anticipated Usage
■ 発行日:2011年11月2日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM312240145
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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