【英文タイトル】MediPoint: Knee Replacement - Current and Future Players



1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 2
1.1 List of Tables 6
1.2 List of Figures 11
2 Introduction 12
2.1 Catalyst 13
2.2 Related Reports 13
3 Competitive Assessment 14
3.1 Overview 14
3.2 Global Market Share 15
3.3 B. Braun 16
3.3.1 Primary Knee Replacement 16
3.3.2 Partial Knee Replacement 19
3.3.3 Revision Knee Replacement 19
3.3.4 SWOT Analysis 20
3.4 Biomet 20
3.4.1 Primary Knee Replacement 20
3.4.2 Partial Knee Replacement 24
3.4.3 Revision Knee Replacement 25
3.4.4 SWOT Analysis 26
3.5 DePuy Synthes 27
3.5.1 Primary Knee Replacement 27
3.5.2 Partial Knee Replacement 32
3.5.3 Revision Knee Replacement 33
3.5.4 SWOT Analysis 34
3.6 DJO Surgical 35
3.6.1 Primary Knee Replacement 35
3.6.2 Partial Knee Replacement 38
3.6.3 Revision Knee Replacement 38
3.6.4 SWOT Analysis 39
3.7 Exactech 39
3.7.1 Primary Knee Replacement 39
3.7.2 Partial Knee Replacement 41
3.7.3 Revision Knee Replacement 41
3.7.4 SWOT Analysis 42
3.8 Smith & Nephew 42
3.8.1 Primary Knee Replacement 42
3.8.2 Partial Knee Replacement 45
3.8.3 Revision Knee Replacement 46
3.8.4 SWOT Analysis 47
3.9 Stryker 47
3.9.1 Primary Knee Replacement 47
3.9.2 Partial Knee Replacement 50
3.9.3 Revision Knee Replacement 51
3.9.4 SWOT Analysis 52
3.10 Wright Medical (MicroPort) 52
3.10.1 Primary Knee Replacement 52
3.10.2 Revision Knee Replacement 55
3.10.3 SWOT Analysis 55
3.11 Zimmer 56
3.11.1 Primary Knee Replacement 56
3.11.2 Partial Knee Replacement 62
3.11.3 Revision Knee Replacement 62
3.11.4 SWOT Analysis 64
4 Pipeline Products 65
4.1 Overview 65
4.2 Biomet’s Vanguard XP Total Knee System 65
4.3 Corentec’s Lospa Total Knee System 66
4.4 NovoSource’s NovoKnee 66
4.5 Pipeline Orthopedics’ NEO PS Knee System 66
4.6 Bonovo Orthopedics’ JMM Total Knee System 66
4.7 Corin Group’s Unity Knee Systems 67
4.8 Kinamed’s GEM Total Knee System 67
4.9 Emerge Medical 67
5 Current and Future Players 68
5.1 Trends in Corporate Strategy 68
5.2 Established Players 69
5.2.1 B. Braun 69
5.2.2 Biomet 71
5.2.3 Corin Group 74
5.2.4 DePuy Synthes 77
5.2.5 DJO Global 80
5.2.6 Exactech 83
5.2.7 Lima Corporate 85
5.2.8 Medacta 88
5.2.9 Smith & Nephew 90
5.2.10 Stryker 93
5.2.11 Waldemar LINK 97
5.2.12 Wright Medical Group (MicroPort) 99
5.2.13 Zimmer Holdings 102
5.2.14 Other Established Players 107
5.3 Emerging Players 108
5.3.1 Blue Belt Technologies 108
5.3.2 ConforMIS 110
5.3.3 MAKO Surgical 113
5.3.4 OmniLife science 115
5.3.5 Other Emerging Players 118
6 Appendix 119
6.1 Abbreviations 119
6.2 Bibliography 122
6.3 Report Methodology 142
6.3.1 Overview 142
6.3.2 Coverage 142
6.3.3 Secondary Research 143
6.3.4 Forecasting Methodology 143
6.3.5 Primary Research – Key Opinion Leader Interviews 145
6.3.6 Expert Panel Validation 145
6.4 Physicians and Specialists Included in This Study 146
6.5 Physician Survey 148
6.6 About the Authors 149
6.6.1 Analysts 149
6.6.2 Bonnie Bain, Ph.D., Global Head of Healthcare 150
6.7 About MediPoint 151
6.8 About GlobalData 151
6.9 Disclaimer 151


■ タイトル:膝関節置換術:企業と競争環境
■ 英文:MediPoint: Knee Replacement - Current and Future Players
■ 発行日:2013年11月30日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403162928
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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