移動体通信事業者(MNO)のM2M戦略(Mobile Network Operator Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Strategies)...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



Executive Summary 9
Ch 1 – Introduction to M2M 11
Basics and M2M 11
Advantages of M2M 13
Applications of M2M 14
Real World Examples of M2M 16
Ch 2 – Stakeholders in M2M Ecosystem 17
Basics of M2M 17
Logical building-blocks of M2M 17
Data Acquisition 17
Data transmission 18
Data Analysis 19
The M2M Value Chain ? Functional break-up of M2M 21
Equipment supplier 21
Software publisher 22
Telecom operator 22
Consulting 22
Integrator 22
Hosting and service platform supplier 22
Distributor 22
Ch ? 3 Market Scenario for Telecom Carriers 24
New Avenue for Telecom Carriers 24
1. New Opportunities 24
2. Regulatory requirements 25
3. Low Capex requirement 25
4. Scale of market & Revenue Increase 25
5. Spread across value chain 25
6. Threat from Cloud service providers 26
7. Unwilling to be a mere bystander 26
8. Revenue Expectations 26
9. Customers seek single-point-of contact 28
Challenges and Risks faced by Telecom service providers 28
1. Optimum spread in value chain: 28
2. Optimistic predictions 29
3. Need for Technology Standardization 29
4. Technology development 29
5. New Business Model 30
6. Intense Competition 30
7. Differing nature of services 30
Industry Analysis 30
Michael Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 31
Threat of Entry 32
Power of Suppliers 34
Power of Buyers 35
Threat of substitutes 35
Rivalry among existing competitors 36
Ch 4 – Carrier Strategies in M2M 38
AT&T 38
Company Profile 38
Financial Performance 38
Strategy 41
Forward Looking Statements 45
Partnerships and Alliances 46
Conclusion 48
Telekom Austria 50
Company Profile 50
Financial Performance 50
Strategy 55
Forward Looking Statements 64
Partnerships and Alliances 66
Conclusion 67
Deutsche Telekom 69
Company Profile 69
Financial Performance 69
Strategy 75
Forward Looking Statements 92
Partnerships and Alliances 93
Conclusion 94
Etisalat Group 96
Company Profile 96
Financial Performance 97
Strategy 101
Forward Looking Statements 104
Partnerships and Alliances 105
Conclusion 111
Everything Everywhere 113
Company Profile 113
Financial Performance 113
Strategy 116
Forward Looking Statements 116
Partnerships and Alliances 117
Conclusion 117
France Telecom-Orange 119
Company Profile 119
Financial Performance 119
Strategy 123
Forward Looking Statements 129
Conclusion 133
KPN 135
Company Profile 135
Financial Performance 136
Strategy 141
Forward Looking Statements 145
Partnerships and Alliances 146
Conclusion 147
Rogers Communications 148
Company Profile 148
Financial Performance 150
Strategy 153
Forward Looking Statements 157
Partnerships and Alliances 157
Conclusion 159
SingTel 161
Company Profile 161
Financial Performance 161
Strategy 166
Partnerships and Alliances 171
Conclusion 172
Telef?nica 173
Company Profile 173
Financial Performance 173
Strategy 179
Forward Looking Statements 185
Partnerships and Alliances 185
Conclusion 187
Telenor 189
Company Profile 189
Financial Performance 189
Strategy 193
Forward Looking Statements 201
Partnerships and Alliances 201
Conclusion 201
TeliaSonera 202
Company Profile 202
Financial Performance 203
Strategy 207
Forward Looking Statements 208
Partnerships and Alliances 209
Conclusion 210
Telstra 212
Company Profile 212
Financial Performance 212
Strategy 215
Forward Looking Statements 219
Partnerships and Alliances 219
Conclusion 220
T?rk Telekom 221
Company Profile 221
Financial Performance 221
Strategy 224
Forward Looking Statements 228
Partnerships and Alliances / Group Companies 228
Conclusion 231
Verizon Communications 232
Company Profile 232
Financial Performance 233
Strategy 238
Forward Looking Statements 245
Partnerships and Alliances 245
Conclusion 248
Vodafone 249
Company Profile 249
Financial Performance 249
Strategy 254
Forward Looking Statements 264
Partnerships and Alliances 264
Conclusion 265
Ch 5 – Conclusion 267
Strategies adopted by telecom carriers 267
1. Establishing M2M platform capabilities 268
2. Establishing M2M competence centers or Digital divisions 272
3. Establishing M2M sales forces 274
4. Engaging vertical partners 275
5. Partnering to extend reach 277
6. Providing M2M developer tools 278
7. Partnering to share Technology and knowledge 279


■ タイトル:移動体通信事業者(MNO)のM2M戦略(Mobile Network Operator Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Strategies)
■ 発行日:2013年5月1日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM31221059
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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