テレコムネットワークAPI(Telecom Network APIs 2012 – 2016)...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



1 Introduction 6
1.1 Executive Summary 6
1.2 Topics Covered 7
1.3 Key Findings 8
1.4 Target Audience 9
1.5 Companies Mentioned 10
2 Chapter 2: An Overview of Mobile Network APIs 11
2.1 Defining Network APIs 11
2.2 Why are Carriers Adopting Network APIs 13
2.3 Mobile Network API Business Models 14
2.3.1 Two-Sided Business Model 14
2.3.2 Exposing APIs to Developers 14
2.3.3 Web Mashups 15
2.4 Mobile Network API Value Chain 16
2.4.1 Visualizing the Value Chain 16
2.4.2 API Transaction Value Split Among Players 18
2.5 Cost for Different API Transactions 19
2.6 Volume of API Transactions 20
3 Chapter 3: Carrier, Application Provider & Vendor Strategies 21
3.1 Carrier Positioning in the LTE Era 21
3.1.1 Increasing API Investments 21
3.1.2 The Rise of SDM 21
3.2 Should Carriers Open Network APIs to OTT Service Providers 22
3.2.1 Allowing OTT Providers to Manage Applications 22
3.2.2 Carriers Lack the Innovative Skills to Capitalize on APIs Alone 23
3.3 Developer Attitudes Towards API Adoption 23
3.3.1 A Critical Asset to Developers 23
3.3.2 Stimulating the Growth of API Releases 23
3.3.3 Working Alongside Carrier Programs 24
3.4 Vendor Strategies: Creating a Unique Role within the Value Chain 25
3.4.1 Positioning as Enablers in the Value Chain 25
3.4.2 Moving Away from a Box/Product Supplier Strategy 25
3.4.3 Moving Away from a Box/Product Supplier Strategy 25
3.5 Company Profiles 27
3.5.1 Alcatel Lucent 27
3.5.2 UnboundID 29
3.5.3 Twilio 30
3.5.4 Placecast 31
3.5.5 Samsung 32
3.5.6 AT&T Mobility 33
3.5.7 Apigee 34
4 Chapter 4: Market Analysis 35
4.1 Mobile Network APIs Revenue 2012 – 2016 35
4.2 Mobile Network APIs Revenue by API Category 2012 – 2016 36
4.2.1 SMS (and RCS) API Revenues 37
4.2.2 LBS API Revenues 38
4.2.3 SDM API Revenues 39
4.2.4 Payment API Revenues 40
4.2.5 Other API Revenues 41
4.3 Mobile Network APIs Revenue by Region 2012 – 2016 42
4.3.1 Asia Pacific 43
4.3.2 Eastern Europe 44
4.3.3 Latin & Central America 45
4.3.4 Middle East & Africa 46
4.3.5 North America 47
4.3.6 Western Europe 48


■ タイトル:テレコムネットワークAPI(Telecom Network APIs 2012 – 2016)
■ 発行日:2012年7月7日
■ 調査会社:Mind Commerce
■ 商品コード:MCM312240077
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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