【英文タイトル】2014 Strategies for the German Tumor Marker Testing Market

2014年戦略提言:ドイツの腫瘍マーカー検査市場 (Code:VPTM815-7-2-3-4)



  • Comprehensive 585-page analysis of the German tumor marker testing market.
  • Major issues pertaining to the German laboratory practice, as well as key economic, regulatory, demographic, social and technological trends with significant market impact during the next ten years.
  • Mortality statistics and scientific views on the etiology of major types of cancer, e.g., lung, colorectal, breast, prostatic, pancreatic, leukemia, lymphoma, gastrointestinal, bladder, liver, ovarian, testicular, oral, skin and others.
  • Ten-year test volume and sales forecasts over for 40 tumor marker performed in German hospitals, commercial laboratories and physician offices.
  • Placements and installed base of automated and semi-automated analyzers used for tumor marker testing.
  • Current instrumentation technologies and feature comparison of leading analyzers.
  • Sales and market shares of leading suppliers.
  • Emerging diagnostic technologies and their potential market applications.
  • Product development opportunities.
  • Profiles of current and emerging suppliers, including their sales, market shares, product portfolios, marketing tactics, technological know-how, new products in R&D, collaborative arrangements and business strategies.
  • Business opportunities and strategic recommendations for suppliers.

Contains 585 pages and 95 tables










■ タイトル:2014年戦略提言:ドイツの腫瘍マーカー検査市場
■ 英文:2014 Strategies for the German Tumor Marker Testing Market
■ 発行日:2014年1月
■ 調査会社:Venture Planning Group
■ 商品コード:VPTM815-7-2-3-4
■ 調査対象地域:※レポート概要をご参照ください。

2014年戦略提言:ドイツの腫瘍マーカー検査市場 (2014 Strategies for the German Tumor Marker Testing Market / VPTM815-7-2-3-4)

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