OMV Aktiengesellschaft:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】OMV Aktiengesellschaft Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update



Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 10
List of Figures 39
Company Snapshot 40
Company Overview 40
Key Information 40
Financial Performance 40
OMV Aktiengesellschaft , Exploration and Production Summary 41
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Fields under development 41
OMV Aktiengesellschaft , Active Exploration Blocks, by Country, 2003-2012 42
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Crude Oil Production, by Country, 2003-2012 44
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Natural Gas Production, by Country, 2003-2012 46
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production By Fields 47
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Crude Oil Production 47
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Natural Gas Production 66
Crude Oil And Natural Gas Production Forecasts, 2013-2020 80
OMV Aktiengesellschaft’s Exploration Blocks Details 83
2866-2(Kalat)’s Exploration Details 83
3271-1(Karak)’s Exploration Details 84
3067-3(Harnai)’s Exploration Details 88
HF-ONN-2001/1’s Exploration Details 92
Moghan Block 2’s Exploration Details 93
16/1(PL 338)’s Exploration Details 95
204/10a ALL’s Exploration Details 115
204/13a ALL’s Exploration Details 116
204/14a ALL’s Exploration Details 120
204/14b ALL’s Exploration Details 121
204/25a ALL’s Exploration Details 122
204/4a ALL’s Exploration Details 123
204/5a ALL’s Exploration Details 124
204/9a ALL’s Exploration Details 126
Block 131’s Exploration Details 261
Block 132’s Exploration Details 262
Block 133’s Exploration Details 262
Block 136’s Exploration Details 263
Block 137’s Exploration Details 263
Block 138’s Exploration Details 264
Block 139’s Exploration Details 264
Block 89’s Exploration Details 265
Block 90’s Exploration Details 265
Block 91’s Exploration Details 266
Block 93’s Exploration Details 266
MAKO-EAST (Mako Trough)’s Exploration Details 267
Veszto’s Exploration Details 268
2567-10(Daphro)’s Exploration Details 270
2969-8(Barkhan)’s Exploration Details 271
2767-1(Mehar)’s Exploration Details 272
2668-4(Gambat)’s Exploration Details 273
2668-5(South West Miano-II)’s Exploration Details 274
2669-3(Latif)’s Exploration Details 275
PEP 50119’s Exploration Details 277
Federovskoye’s Exploration Details 279
7016/2, 7116/11(PL 529)’s Exploration Details 284
7324/7, 7324/8(PL 537)’s Exploration Details 285
2769-4(Mubarak)’s Exploration Details 289
Disouq Concession’s Exploration Details 290
22/27a DEEP BANFF AREA’s Exploration Details 292
29/2a DEEP BANFF AREA’s Exploration Details 293
PEP 381203’s Exploration Details 294
WA-362-P’s Exploration Details 295
WA-363-P’s Exploration Details 304
WA-386-P’s Exploration Details 314
WA-387-P’s Exploration Details 320
30/2a PRE-TERTIARY AREA’s Exploration Details 326
30/2c Jade Field Area’s Exploration Details 327
3370-3(Tal)’s Exploration Details 328
Block 43 B’s Exploration Details 335
30/2c Rest of Block 30/2c’s Exploration Details 336
Ayazli’s Field Details 520
Akkaya’s Field Details 523
Al-Uqlah’s Field Details 524
Ashtart’s Field Details 525
Cercina’s Field Details 526
Gremda/El Ain’s Field Details 527
El Hajeb & Guebiba’s Field Details 528
Makori & Makori East’s Field Details 529
Manzalai’s Field Details 530
Rhemoura’s Field Details 534
Aktas’s Field Details 535
Komsomolskoe’s Field Details 536
Tasbulat’s Field Details 538
Jazal’s Field Details 539
Durra’s Field Details 625
Mona’s Field Details 626
Federovskoye’s Field Details 627
Punja (Block 3/05A)’s Field Details 628
Caco-Gazela (Block 3/05A)’s Field Details 629
Amos’s Field Details 630
Zidane’s Field Details 631
Nawara’s Field Details 632
Skyfske’s Field Details 633
Domino’s Field Details 634
Halini’s Field Details 635
OMV Aktiengesellschaft LNG Operations 636
LNG Operation by Country, Regasification, 2005-2017 636
OMV Aktiengesellschaft’s Regasification Terminal Details 637
OMV Aktiengesellschaft Oil and Chemical Storage Operations 646
Oil and Chemical Storage Operations by Country, 2005-2017 646
Oil and Chemical Storage Operation 647
OMV Aktiengesellschaft’s Oil and Chemical Storage Terminal Asset Details 650
OMV Aktiengesellschaft Underground Gas Storage Operations 685
Underground Gas Storage, Working Gas and Total Capacity in Different Countries 685
Underground Active Gas Storage Operations, Storage Capacity 685
Underground Planned Gas Storage Operations, Storage Capacity 685
OMV Aktiengesellschaft’s Schonkirchen Gas Storage Asset Details 686
OMV Aktiengesellschaft’s Tallesbrunn Gas Storage Asset Details 687
OMV Aktiengesellschaft’s Thann Gas Storage Asset Details 688
OMV Aktiengesellschaft’s Schonkirchen Tief Phase 1 Gas Storage Asset Details 689
OMV Aktiengesellschaft’s Schonkirchen Tief Phase 2 Gas Storage Asset Details 690
OMV Aktiengesellschaft’s 16. TH Gas Storage Asset Details 691
OMV Aktiengesellschaft Pipeline Operations 692
Pipeline Operations, Austria 692
Pipeline Operations, Germany 694
Pipeline Operations, Italy 696
Pipeline Operations, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 697
Pipeline Operations, New Zealand 698
Pipeline Operations, Norway 699
Pipeline Operations, Turkey 700
Pipeline Operations, United Kingdom 701
OMV Aktiengesellschaft’s Pipeline Details 702
OMV Aktiengesellschaft Refining Operations 770
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Total Refining Capacity, 2005-2017 770
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Refining Operation, Germany 771
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Refining Operation, Hungary 772
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Refining Operation, Italy 772
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Refining Operation, Romania 773
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Refining Operation, Croatia 774
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Refining Operation, Slovakia 774
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Refining Operation, Austria 775
OMV Aktiengesellschaft’s Refining Asset Details 776
OMV Aktiengesellschaft FPSO Operations 803
OMV Aktiengesellschaft FPSO by Field Countries 803
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, FPSO Details 804
OMV Aktiengesellschaft Gas Processing Operations 813
OMV Aktiengesellschaft Operations by Country 813
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Gas Processing Plant Details 815
Key Employees 827
Key Employee Biographies 828
OMV Aktiengesellschaft – Major Products and Services 829
History 830
Company Statement 835
Locations And Subsidiaries 838
Head Office 838
Other Locations & Subsidiaries 838
Business Description 841
Business Overview 841
Exploration and Production 841
Gas and Power 842
Refining and Marketing 842
SWOT Analysis 844
Overview 844
OMV Aktiengesellschaft Strengths 844
OMV Aktiengesellschaft Weaknesses 845
OMV Aktiengesellschaft Opportunities 845
OMV Aktiengesellschaft Threats 846
OMV Aktiengesellschaft – Key Competitors 847
Company Financial Ratios 848
Financial Ratios – Capital Market Ratios 848
Financial Ratios – Annual Ratios 848
Performance Chart 850
Financial Performance 850
Financial Ratios – Interim Ratios 851
Financial Ratios – Ratio Charts 852
Recent Developments 853
Appendix 858
Market Definitions 858
Methodology 858
Coverage 858
Secondary Research 859
Primary Research 859
Expert Panel Validation 859
Contact Us 859
Disclaimer 860


■ タイトル:OMV Aktiengesellschaft:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013
■ 英文:OMV Aktiengesellschaft Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update
■ 発行日:2013年8月31日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403161904
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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