【英文タイトル】Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Systems Market by Modality (Veno -Arterial (VA), Veno -Venous (VV), Arterio-Venous (AV)), by Application (Respiratory, Cardiac, ECPR), by Geography - Global Forecast to 2020



1 Introduction (Page No. – 16)
1.1 Objectives of the Study
1.2 Market Segmentation & Coverage
1.3 Stakeholders

2 Research Methodology (Page No. – 19)
2.1 Integrated Ecosystem of the Market
2.2 Arriving at the Market Size
2.2.1 Top-Down Approach
2.2.2 Macro Indicator- Based Approach
2.3 Price Analysis of Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation Systems Market, By Product
2.4 Assumptions

3 Executive Summary (Page No. – 25)

4 Market Overview (Page No. – 28)
4.1 Market Drivers and Inhibitors
4.2 Threats of Ecmo
4.3 Opportunities in Future

5 Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Systems Market, By Modality (Page No. – 32)
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Veno-Arterial
5.3 Veno-Venous
5.4 Arterio-Venous (AV)

6 Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Systems Market, By Application (Page No. – 38)
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Respiratory
6.2.1 Neonates
6.2.2 Pediatric
6.2.3 Adult
6.3 Cardiac
6.3.1 Neonates
6.3.2 Pediatric
6.3.3 Adult
6.4 Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (ECPR)
6.4.1 Neonates
6.4.2 Pediatric
6.4.3 Adult

7 Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Systems Market, By Geography (Page No. – 47)
7.1 Introduction
7.2 North America
7.2.1 U.S.
7.2.2 Canada
7.2.3 Mexico
7.3 Europe
7.3.1 Germany
7.3.2 U.K.
7.3.3 France
7.3.4 Italy
7.3.5 Spain
7.3.6 Switzerland
7.3.7 Rest of Europe (RoE)
7.4 Asia-Pacific (APAC)
7.4.1 Japan
7.4.2 Australia
7.4.3 China
7.4.4 India
7.4.5 Singapore
7.4.6 Republic of Korea
7.4.7 Rest of Asia-Pacific
7.5 Rest of the World (RoW)

8 Competitive Landscape (Page No. – 113)
8.1.1 New Product Launch & Product Development
8.1.2 Agreement, Acquisition & Partnership
8.1.3 Expansion
8.1.4 Other

9 Company Profiles (Page No. – 118)
9.1 Maquet Holding B.V. & Co. Kg.
9.1.1 Overview
9.1.2 Key Financials
9.1.3 Product and Service Offerings
9.1.4 Related Developments
9.1.5 MnM View
9.2 Medtronic, Inc. (U.S.)
9.2.1 Overview
9.2.2 Key Financials
9.2.3 Product and Service Offerings
9.2.4 Related Developments
9.2.5 MnM View
9.3 Microport Scientific Corporation
9.3.1 Overview
9.3.2 Key Financials
9.3.3 Product and Service Offerings
9.3.4 MnM View
9.4 Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation
9.4.1 Overview
9.4.2 Key Financials
9.4.3 Product and Service Offerings
9.4.4 Related Developments
9.4.5 MnM View
9.5 Medos Medizintechnik AG
9.5.1 Overview
9.5.2 Product and Service Offerings
9.5.3 Related Developments
9.5.4 MnM View
9.6 Nipro Medical Corporation
9.6.1 Overview
9.6.2 Key Financials
9.6.3 Product and Service Offerings
9.6.4 Related Developments
9.6.5 MnM View
9.7 Sorin Group (Sorin S.P.A.)
9.7.1 Overview
9.7.2 Sorin Group: Key Financials
9.7.3 Product and Service Offerings
9.7.4 Related Developments
9.7.5 MnM View

10 Appendix (Page No. – 136)
10.1 Introducing Rt: Real-Time Market Intelligence
10.2 Customization Options
10.2.1 Product Analysis
10.2.2 Pulmonologist/Physicians Perception Analysis
10.2.3 Regulatory Framework
10.2.4 Competitive Intelligence
10.3 Related Reports


■ タイトル:体外式膜型人工肺(ECMO)療法装置の世界市場
■ 英文:Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Systems Market by Modality (Veno -Arterial (VA), Veno -Venous (VV), Arterio-Venous (AV)), by Application (Respiratory, Cardiac, ECPR), by Geography - Global Forecast to 2020
■ 発行日:2015年12月15日
■ 調査会社:MarketsandMarkets
■ 商品コード:MAM-MD-3966
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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