Japan Pharmaceutical Market Outlook – Deregulation and More Efficient New Drug Approval Process Attract Foreign Investment and Improve the Competitiveness of Japanese Players...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 6
1.1 List of Tables 8
1.2 List of Figures 8
2 Introduction 10
3 Market Overview 11
3.1 Introduction 11
3.2 Economic Landscape 11
3.3 Economic Indicators 12
3.3.1 Gross Domestic Product 12
3.3.2 GDP Composition by Sector 15
3.3.3 Consumer Price Index 16
3.3.4 Unemployment 18
3.3.5 Exchange Rate 20
3.3.6 Foreign Direct Investment 21
3.3.7 Trade Balance 23
3.3.8 Value of Exports/Imports 24
3.3.9 Exports and Imports Forecast 25
3.3.10 Trading Partners 26
3.3.11 Government Debt 27
3.3.12 Gross National Income 28
3.3.13 Gross National Savings 31
3.3.14 Labor Force 32
3.3.15 Employment 34
3.3.16 Current Account Balance 36
3.3.17 Foreign Exchange Reserves 37
3.4 Demographic Analysis 38
3.4.1 Population 38
3.4.2 Population Distribution 39
3.4.3 Urban-Rural Share 40
3.5 Healthcare 41
3.5.1 Healthcare Expenditure 41
3.5.2 Public and Private Expenditure 43
3.5.3 Healthcare Infrastructure 46
3.5.4 Alcohol Consumption 49
3.5.5 Tobacco Consumption 50
3.5.6 Obesity 52
3.5.7 Life Expectancy 53
3.5.8 Leading Causes of Death 54
3.5.9 Pharmaceutical Expenditure 55
3.5.10 Insurance and Reimbursement 55
3.5.11 Reimbursement Process 57
3.6 Market Segments 58
3.6.1 Generics 58
3.6.2 Over-the-Counter Drugs 59
4 Industry Characteristics 60
4.1 Introduction 60
4.2 Pricing Policy 60
4.2.1 Reimbursement Prices for New Drugs 60
4.3 Regulatory Landscape 62
4.3.1 Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau 64
4.3.2 Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency 65
4.3.3 New Drug Approval Process 66
4.3.4 Drug Manufacture 68
4.3.5 Clinical Trials – Basic Requirements 68
4.3.6 Advertising 68
4.3.7 Licensing 69
4.3.8 Orphan Drugs 69
4.4 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain 70
4.4.1 Leading Companies 71
5 Competitive Landscape 72
5.1 Introduction 72
5.2 Major Domestic Companies 72
5.2.1 Major Players by Revenue 72
5.2.2 Takeda 73
5.2.3 Product Portfolio 73
5.2.4 Research and Development 73
5.2.5 Otsuka 76
5.2.6 Product Portfolio 76
5.2.7 Research and Development 77
5.2.8 Astellas 78
5.2.9 Product Portfolio 79
5.2.10 Research and Development 80
5.2.11 Daiichi Sankyo 81
5.2.12 Product Portfolio 81
5.2.13 Research and Development 82
5.2.14 Eisai 83
5.2.15 Research and Development 84
5.3 Major Foreign Players 85
5.4 Acquisitions and Collaboration 86
5.4.1 M&A 86
5.4.2 Licensing Agreements and Co-development Deals 89
6 Drivers and Barriers 92
6.1 Drivers 92
6.1.1 World-Leading Life Expectancy – Increased Disease Burden 92
6.1.2 Deregulation – Easing of Regulatory Guidelines 92
6.1.3 Government Initiatives to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases 92
6.1.4 Continued Growth of the Generics Market 92
6.2 Barriers 93
6.2.1 Time Lag in Drug Approval Process 93
6.2.2 Political Instability 93
6.2.3 High Cost of Clinical Trials 93
6.2.4 High Value of the Yen 93
7 Japan Pharmaceutical Market Outlook – Appendix 94
7.1 Market Definitions 94
7.2 Abbreviations 94
7.3 Bibliography 95
7.4 Research Methodology 96
7.5 Coverage 96
7.6 Secondary Research 97
7.7 Competitive Landscape 97
7.7.1 Expert Panel Validation 97
7.8 Contact Us 97
7.9 Disclaimer 97


■ タイトル:Japan Pharmaceutical Market Outlook – Deregulation and More Efficient New Drug Approval Process Attract Foreign Investment and Improve the Competitiveness of Japanese Players
■ 発行日:2013年4月29日
■ 調査会社:GBI Research
■ 商品コード:GBIR403170017
■ 調査対象地域:日本
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