GTL(ガス・トゥー・リキッド)市場分析:Analyzing Gas to Liquids Market...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



A. Executive Summary

B. Introduction to Gas to Liquids
B.1 Historical Background of Natural Gas
B.2 Present Day Status of Natural Gas Markets
B.3 Exploiting Natural Gas
B.4 Introduction to Gas-to-Liquids
B.5 What is Gas to Liquids?
B.6 Historical Background of GTL
B.7 Solution Options for GTL
B.8 Benefits of the Technology
B.9 Importance of GTL
B.10 Investing in GTL
B.11 Worldwide GTL Commercialization Activity
B.12 Business Outlook for GTL

C. GTL & Implications for the Energy Market
C.1 Resource Consumption

D. GTL Technologies
D.1 Fischer-Tropsch Process
D.2 Syngas
D.3 Looking at the Major Technological Processes
D.3.1 ExxonMobil Process
D.3.2 Rentech Process
D.3.3 Sasol Process
D.3.4 Shell Process
D.3.5 Statoil Process
D.3.6 Syntroleum Process

E. Market Status of Gas to Liquids

F. Market Potential of GTL
F.1 Greenhouse Gas Contributions
F.2 Technological Strategies

G. Economics of GTL
G.1 Capital Cost of GTL
G.2 Fuel Cost in GTL Process
G.3 O&M Cost of GTL
G.4 Other Revenues from GTL Products
G.5 Rentech’s Polygeneration Strategy

H. Major Issues & Challenges
H.1 Challenges in Size
H.2 High Capital Cost
H.3 Internal Energy Integration
H.4 Air Separation Unit Technical Issues
H.5 Syngas Generation Area Technical Issues
H.6 F-T Synthesis Technical Issues
H.7 Problems with Financing GTL Projects
H.8 Air Pollution

I. How to Engineer a GTL Project
I.1 Introduction
I.2 Opportunities in Process Engineering
I.3 The Fuel System
I.4 Looking at Capital Cost vs. Process Efficiency
I.5 Engineering Challenges
I.6 Looking at Engineering and Construction
I.7 Schedule for Building a GTL Facility

J. Factors Promoting GTL Technology
J.1 Global Climate Change
J.2 Rising Oil Prices
J.3 Gas Monetization

K. Using GTL Fuel for Transportation

L. Reducing Emissions by Using GTL Technology

M. Comparing GTL and LNG
M.1 Introduction
M.2 Market Potential: LNG versus GTL
M.3 Technological Comparison
M.4 Efficiency Comparison
M.5 Comparison of Capital Costs
M.6 Product Comparison
M.7 Conclusion

N. Leading Players in GTL
N.1 BP Plc
N.1.1 Company Overview
N.1.2 Business Segments
N.1.3 Focus on GTL
N.1.4 Financial Analysis
N.1.5 SWOT Analysis
N.2 Chevron Corporation
N.2.1 Company Overview
N.2.2 Business Segments
N.2.3 Sasol Chevron & Focus on GTL
N.2.4 Financial Analysis
N.2.5 SWOT Analysis
N.3 Sasol Limited
N.3.1 Company Overview
N.3.2 Business Segments
N.3.3 Focus on GTL
N.3.4 Financial Analysis
N.3.5 SWOT Analysis
N.4 ConocoPhillips
N.4.1 Company Overview
N.4.2 Business Segments
N.4.3 Focus on GTL
N.4.4 Financial Analysis
N.4.5 SWOT Analysis
N.5 Exxon Mobil
N.5.1 Company Overview
N.5.2 Business Segments
N.5.3 Focus on GTL
N.5.4 Financial Analysis
N.5.5 SWOT Analysis
N.6 Shell
N.6.1 Company Overview
N.6.2 Focus on GTL
N.6.3 SWOT Analysis
N.7 Statoil ASA
N.7.1 Company Overview
N.7.2 Business Segments
N.7.3 Focus on GTL
N.7.4 Financial Analysis
N.7.5 SWOT Analysis
N.8 GE Energy
N.8.1 Company Overview
N.8.2 Business Segments
N.8.3 Focus on GTL
N.8.4 SWOT Analysis
N.9 Chiyoda Corporation
N.9.1 Company Overview
N.9.2 Business Segments
N.9.3 Focus on GTL
N.9.4 Financial Analysis
N.9.5 SWOT Analysis
N.10 Cosmo Oil
N.10.1 Company Overview
N.10.2 Business Segments
N.10.3 Focus on GTL
N.10.4 Financial Analysis
N.10.5 SWOT Analysis
N.11 Qatar Petroleum
N.11.1 Company Overview
N.11.2 Business Segments
N.11.3 Focus on GTL
N.12 Syntroleum
N.12.1 Company Overview
N.12.2 Business Segments
N.12.3 Focus on GTL
N.13 PetroSA
N.13.1 Company Overview
N.13.2 Business Segments
N.13.3 Focus on GTL
N.13.4 SWOT Analysis
N.14 Rentech
N.14.1 Company Overview
N.14.2 Business Segments
N.14.3 Focus on GTL
N.14.4 SWOT Analysis

O. Major Ongoing GTL Projects
O.1 Escravos Gas-to-Liquids Project, Niger Delta, Nigeria
O.2 Oryx Gas-to-Liquids Complex, Ras-Laffan, Qatar
O.3 Marathon, Syntroleum – Gas-to-Liquids Demonstration Plant, Tulsa, Oklahoma
O.4 Shell Bintulu
O.5 Sasol Chevron Project in Australia

P. Future of Gas to Liquids

Q. Appendix
Q.1 Latest Industry News
Q.1.1 Japan GTL Plant May Gain Credits from Technology that Uses CO2
Q.1.2 Natural Gas Powered Aircraft Completes Journey
Q.1.3 New Technology: Sound Waves Turning Natural Gas to Liquids?
Q.1.4 Development of Gas-Liquid Separator for Vehicles by Japanese Inventors
Q.1.5 Mobil Commences Operation on Natural Liquid Gas Project
Q.2 Figures & Tables

R. Glossary of Terms


Figure 1: Control over Production of Remaining Commercial Reserves of Natural Gas
Figure 2: Hydrocarbon Value Hierarchy
Figure 3: GTL Capacity Projection
Figure 4: Gas-to-Products (GTP) Options
Figure 5: Energy Consumption of the GTL & Refinery Based System (TJ)
Figure 6: Energy Consumption of the GTL & Refinery Based System
Figure 7: Comparison of GTL-FT Barrel vs. Conventional Barrel
Figure 8: The Three Major Processes Involved in Converting Natural Gas into Syncrude
Figure 9: The Rentech Process
Figure 10: Sasol Slurry Process
Figure 11: Life Cycle GHG Contributions of Refinery System Compared to the GTL System
Figure 12: GHG Contributions for GTL Fuel, Conventional Diesel & Ultra-Low
Figure 13: GHG Contributions for GTL Fuel, Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel in Comparison
Figure 14: Integrated GTL Capital Cost Breakdown
Figure 15: Energy Issues in the Process
Figure 16: Acidification Contributions of GTL
Figure 17: Comparing Acidification Contributions of GTL Fuel, Conventional Diesel & Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
Figure 18: Photo-Oxidant Creation Contributions of GTL
Figure 19: Particulate Emissions of GTL vs. Refinery Based System
Figure 20: Basic GTL Flow Scheme
Figure 21: Indicative GTL Process Cost Breakdown
Figure 22: Bulk Material Quantities
Figure 23: GHG Contributions
Figure 24: Projected Potential Efficiency Improvements
Figure 25: Gas Liquefaction Process
Figure 26: Gas to Liquids FT Process
Figure 27: Breakdown of LNG Capital Costs
Figure 28: Capital Cost Breakdown of GTL
Figure 29: Tail Pipe Emissions GTL versus LNG
Figure 30: GTL Capacity Projection
Figure 31: Strategic Plan for GTL
Figure 32: Developing GTL Technologies
Figure 33: The Fischer Tropsch Process
Figure 34: Overview of GTL
Figure 35: Synthesis Gas: Feedstocks and Products
Figure 36: Water-Gas Shift
Figure 37: Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Figure 38: Fischer-Tropsch Reaction Network
Figure 39: Slurry Reactor for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis


Table 1: System Definitions for Life Cycle Assessment Studies
Table 2: Technical Comparison between GTL and LNG


■ タイトル:GTL(ガス・トゥー・リキッド)市場分析:Analyzing Gas to Liquids Market
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