【英文タイトル】Global EMV Cards Market 2016-2020



PART 01: Executive summary
• Highlights

PART 02: Scope of the report
• Market overview
• Top vendor offerings

PART 03: Market research methodology
• Research methodology
• Economic indicators

PART 04: Introduction
• Key market highlights

PART 05: Impact of banking cards across regions
• Countries in Africa
• Countries in APAC
• Countries in Middle East
• Countries in Europe
• Countries in Americas
• US

PART 06: Market landscape
• Market overview
• POS industry overview
• Market size and forecast
• Five forces analysis

PART 07: Market segmentation by technology
• Contact-based EMV cards
• Contactless EMV cards

PART 08: Geographical segmentation
• EMV cards market in APAC
• EMV cards market in EMEA
• EMV cards market in Americas

PART 09: Summary of key figures

PART 10: Market drivers
• Rising regulatory intervention in secure payments
• Large potential customer base
• Growing cashless transactions
• Increasing card transactions

PART 11: Impact of drivers

PART 12: Market challenges
• Delay in issuing EMV cards and emergence of other payment systems
• Increase in payment card-related fraud
• Complexity and lack of awareness of EMV card chips
• Slow adoption rate of EMV POS terminals

PART 13: Impact of drivers and challenges

PART 14: Market trends
• Rise in need for improved security standards
• High demand for contactless EMV cards

PART 15: Buying behavior

PART 16: Vendor landscape
• Competitive scenario

PART 17: Appendix
• List of abbreviations

PART 18: Explore Technavio

[List of Exhibits]

Exhibit 01: Enterprise types
Exhibit 02: Major countries covered
Exhibit 03: Product offerings
Exhibit 04: Cost benefit analysis of EMV POS terminals
Exhibit 05: Counterfeit fraud liability shift
Exhibit 06: Lost or stolen fraud liability shift
Exhibit 07: Global EMV cards market: Overview
Exhibit 08: POS terminals transaction process
Exhibit 09: Ecosystem of POS terminals
Exhibit 10: Supply chain
Exhibit 11: Global EMV cards market 2015-2020 (billions of units)
Exhibit 12: Five forces analysis
Exhibit 13: Global EMV cards market by type 2015
Exhibit 14: Global EMV cards market 2015-2020
Exhibit 15: Global EMV cards market: Contact-based EMV cards 2015-2020 (billions of units)
Exhibit 16: Global EMV cards market: Contactless EMV cards 2015-2020 (billions of units)
Exhibit 17: Global EMV cards market by geography 2015
Exhibit 18: Geographical segmentation of EMV cards market by shipments 2015-2020
Exhibit 19: Geographical segmentation of EMV cards market by volume 2015-2020 (billions of units)
Exhibit 20: EMV cards market in APAC 2015-2020 (billions of units)
Exhibit 21: EMV cards market in EMEA 2015-2020 (billions of units)
Exhibit 22: EMV cards market in Americas 2015-2020 (billions of units)
Exhibit 23: Global EMV adoption across countries 2014
Exhibit 24: Global EMV cards market by technology
Exhibit 25: Global EMV cards market by geography
Exhibit 26: Global POS terminal market by transaction type 2015 and 2020
Exhibit 27: Percentage share of MSMEs by major countries/regions 2015
Exhibit 28: Mobile internet penetration 2015
Exhibit 29: Smartphone penetration 2014
Exhibit 30: Tablet penetration 2014
Exhibit 31: Payment transaction methods used by consumers globally 2015 and 2020
Exhibit 32: Global volume of payment cards 2015-2020 (billions of units)
Exhibit 33: Global transaction volume of payment cards 2015-2020 ($ trillions)
Exhibit 34: Impact of drivers
Exhibit 35: Global payment card fraud losses 2015-2020 ($ billions)
Exhibit 36: Payment card fraud losses in US 2015-2020 ($ billions)
Exhibit 37: Impact of drivers and challenges
Exhibit 38: Number of mobile devices with NFC technology 2015-2020 (millions of units)
Exhibit 39: Number of mobile devices with NFC technology 2015-2020 (millions of units)
Exhibit 40: Vendor selection parameters


■ タイトル:EMVカードの世界市場2016-2020
■ 英文:Global EMV Cards Market 2016-2020
■ 発行日:2016年8月17日
■ 調査会社:Technavio
■ 商品コード:IRTNTR8633
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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