【英文タイトル】MediPoint: Orthopedic Power Tools - Current and Future Players



1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 2
1.1 List of Tables 5
1.2 List of Figures 7
2 Introduction 8
2.1 Catalyst 8
2.2 Related Reports 9
3 Competitive Assessment 10
3.1 Overview 10
3.2 Aesculap 10
3.2.1 Overview 10
3.2.2 SWOT Analysis 11
3.3 Arthrex 12
3.3.1 Overview 12
3.3.2 SWOT Analysis 12
3.4 Brasseler USA (Tava Surgical in Outside US markets) 13
3.4.1 Overview 13
3.4.2 SWOT Analysis 14
3.5 ConMed Linvatec 14
3.5.1 Overview 14
3.5.2 SWOT Analysis 16
3.6 DePuy Synthes 16
3.7 De Soutter Medical 18
3.7.1 Overview 18
3.7.2 SWOT Analysis 20
3.8 MicroAire 20
3.8.1 Overview 20
3.8.2 SWOT Analysis 22
3.9 Misonix 22
3.9.1 Overview 22
3.9.2 SWOT Analysis 23
3.10 Medtronic 23
3.10.1 Overview 23
3.10.2 SWOT Analysis 25
3.11 OsteoMed 25
3.11.1 Overview 25
3.11.2 SWOT Analysis 26
3.12 Stryker 26
3.12.1 Overview 26
3.12.2 SWOT Analysis 29
3.13 Zimmer Holdings 29
3.13.1 Overview 29
3.13.2 SWOT Analysis 30
4 Current and Future Players 31
4.1 Trends in Corporate Strategy 31
4.2 Established Players 33
4.2.1 Aesculap 33
4.2.2 Arthrex 35
4.2.3 Brasseler USA (Tava Surgical in Outside US markets) 37
4.2.4 ConMed Corporation 39
4.2.5 DePuy Synthes 42
4.2.6 De Soutter Medical 44
4.2.7 MicroAire 46
4.2.8 Misonix 48
4.2.9 Medtronic 49
4.2.10 OsteoMed 52
4.2.11 Stryker 54
4.2.12 Zimmer Holdings 56
4.3 Emerging Players 59
5 Appendix 60
5.1 Abbreviations 60
5.2 Bibliography 64
5.3 Report Methodology 68
5.3.1 Overview 68
5.3.2 Coverage 68
5.3.3 Secondary Research 68
5.3.4 Forecasting Methodology 69
5.3.5 Primary Research – Key Opinion Leader Interviews 70
5.3.6 Expert Panel Validation 71
5.4 Physicians and Specialists Included in this Study 72
5.5 About the Authors 74
5.5.1 Analysts 74
5.5.2 Bonnie Bain, PhD, Global Head of Healthcare 75
5.6 About MediPoint 76
5.7 About GlobalData 76
5.8 Disclaimer 76


■ タイトル:世界における整形外科用の電動器具市場:企業動向
■ 英文:MediPoint: Orthopedic Power Tools - Current and Future Players
■ 発行日:2014年6月20日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDME1028FPR
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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