Galp Energia SGPS S.A.:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】Galp Energia SGPS S.A. Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update



Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 5
List of Figures 24
Company Snapshot 25
Company Overview 25
Key Information 25
Financial Performance 25
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. , Exploration and Production Summary 26
Galp Energia SGPS S.A., Fields under development 26
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. , Active Exploration Blocks, by Country, 2003-2012 26
Galp Energia SGPS S.A., Crude Oil Production, by Country, 2003-2012 28
Galp Energia SGPS S.A., Natural Gas Production, by Country, 2003-2012 29
Galp Energia SGPS S.A., Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production By Fields 30
Galp Energia SGPS S.A., Crude Oil Production 30
Galp Energia SGPS S.A., Natural Gas Production 31
Crude Oil Production Forecasts, 2013-2020 32
Galp Energia SGPS S.A.’s Exploration Blocks Details 33
BM-S-11’s Exploration Details 33
BM-S-21’s Exploration Details 49
BM-S-24’s Exploration Details 52
BM-S-8’s Exploration Details 55
ES-M-592’s Exploration Details 60
POT-M-663’s Exploration Details 61
POT-M-665’s Exploration Details 62
POT-M-760’s Exploration Details 63
POT-M-853’s Exploration Details 64
POT-M-855’s Exploration Details 65
SEAL-T-412’s Exploration Details 66
SEAL-T-429’s Exploration Details 67
Block 32’s Exploration Details 67
Block 14’s Exploration Details 75
C-M-593’s Exploration Details 78
PEPB-M-783’s Exploration Details 79
PEPB-M-837’s Exploration Details 79
PEPB-M-839’s Exploration Details 80
POT-T-699’s Exploration Details 81
Block 33’s Exploration Details 82
AM-T-62’s Exploration Details 83
AM-T-84’s Exploration Details 84
AM-T-85’s Exploration Details 85
POT-T-743’s Exploration Details 86
Area 4’s Exploration Details 87
Block 14K–A–IMI’s Exploration Details 93
Block 4’s Exploration Details 93
Block 3’s Exploration Details 94
Block 2713B’s Exploration Details 94
Block 2813A’s Exploration Details 95
Block 2212A’s Exploration Details 95
Block 2914A’s Exploration Details 98
Block 2112B’s Exploration Details 98
Block B’s Exploration Details 100
Block 2814B’s Exploration Details 100
Block E’s Exploration Details 101
Block H’s Exploration Details 101
Block 2713A’s Exploration Details 102
Block C’s Exploration Details 102
BAR-M-342’s Exploration Details 103
POT-M-764’s Exploration Details 103
BAR-M-300’s Exploration Details 104
BAR-M-388’s Exploration Details 104
BAR-M-344’s Exploration Details 105
PN-T-136’s Exploration Details 105
PN-T-150’s Exploration Details 106
PN-T-166’s Exploration Details 106
PN-T-182’s Exploration Details 107
Galp Energia SGPS S.A.’s Field Details 108
Kaombo(Block 32)’s Field Details 108
Block 14’s Field Details 112
Negage (Block 14)’s Field Details 116
Lianzi (Angola)’s Field Details 117
Lucapa’s Field Details 120
Malange’s Field Details 121
Lianzi (Republic of the Congo)’s Field Details 122
Bem-Te-Vi’s Field Details 125
Caramba’s Field Details 126
Jupiter’s Field Details 127
BM-S-11’s Field Details 128
Franco’s Field Details 136
Tupi (LULA)’s Field Details 137
Lara’s Field Details 188
PA-1GALP11-1GALP12 (BT-SEAL-13)’s Field Details 190
ANDORINHA’s Field Details 191
ANDORINHA SUL’s Field Details 191
DO-RE-MI’s Field Details 192
CHOPIM’s Field Details 192
SANHACU’s Field Details 193
Mamba Complex (Area 4)’s Field Details 194
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. Oil and Chemical Storage Operations 196
Oil and Chemical Storage Operations by Country, 2005-2017 196
Oil and Chemical Storage Operation 196
Galp Energia SGPS S.A.’s Oil and Chemical Storage Terminal Asset Details 203
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. Underground Gas Storage Operations 296
Underground Active Gas Storage Operations, Storage Capacity 296
Underground Planned Gas Storage Operations, Storage Capacity 296
Galp Energia SGPS S.A.’s Galp Energia Pombal Gas Storage Asset Details 297
Galp Energia SGPS S.A.’s Galp Energia Pombal Expansion 1 Gas Storage Asset Details 298
Galp Energia SGPS S.A.’s Galp Energia Pombal Expansion 2 Gas Storage Asset Details 299
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. Pipeline Operations 300
Pipeline Operations, Portugal 300
Pipeline Operations, Spain 301
Galp Energia SGPS S.A.’s Pipeline Details 305
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. Refining Operations 356
Galp Energia SGPS S.A., Total Refining Capacity, 2005-2017 356
Galp Energia SGPS S.A., Refining Operation, Portugal 357
Galp Energia SGPS S.A.’s Refining Asset Details 358
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. FPSO Operations 366
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. FPSO by Field Countries 366
Galp Energia SGPS S.A., FPSO Details 367
Key Employees 368
Key Employee Biographies 369
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. – Major Products and Services 370
History 371
Company Statement 377
Locations And Subsidiaries 378
Head Office 378
Other Locations & Subsidiaries 378
Business Description 380
Business Overview 380
Exploration and Production 380
Gas and Power 381
Refining and Marketing 382
SWOT Analysis 383
Overview 383
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. Strengths 383
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. Weaknesses 384
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. Opportunities 384
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. Threats 385
Galp Energia SGPS S.A. – Key Competitors 386
Company Financial Ratios 387
Financial Ratios – Capital Market Ratios 387
Financial Ratios – Annual Ratios 387
Performance Chart 389
Financial Performance 389
Financial Ratios – Interim Ratios 390
Financial Ratios – Ratio Charts 391
Recent Developments 392
Appendix 398
Market Definitions 398
Methodology 398
Coverage 398
Secondary Research 399
Primary Research 399
Expert Panel Validation 399
Contact Us 399
Disclaimer 400


■ タイトル:Galp Energia SGPS S.A.:石油・ガスバリューチェーン分析レポート2013
■ 英文:Galp Energia SGPS S.A. Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report, 2013 Update
■ 発行日:2013年8月31日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
■ 商品コード:GDATA403161796
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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