【英文タイトル】E-Discovery Market by Solution (Legal Hold, Early Case Assessment, Data Processing, Data Production), Service (Consulting, Implementation, Training & Support, Managed), Deployment Type (CLOUD, On-premises), and Vertical - Global Forecast to 2021



1 Introduction (Page No. – 7)
1.1 Objectives of the Study
1.2 Market Definition
1.3 Market Scope
1.3.1 Markets Covered
1.3.2 Years Considered for the Study
1.4 Currency
1.5 Limitations
1.6 Stakeholders

2 Research Methodology (Page No. – 12)
2.1 Research Data
2.1.1 Secondary Data Key Data From Secondary Sources
2.1.2 Primary Data Key Data From Primary Sources Key Industry Insights Breakdown of Primaries
2.2 Market Size Estimation
2.2.1 Bottom-Up Approach
2.2.2 Top-Down Approach
2.3 Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation
2.4 Research Assumptions and Limitations

3 Executive Summary (Page No. – 22)

4 Premium Insights (Page No. – 23)
4.1 Attractive Market Opportunities in the E-Discovery Market
4.2 Top Three Industries
4.3 Top Three Verticals and Regions (2016)
4.4 E-Discovery Market (2021)
4.5 Global Market Size, By Solution
4.6 E-Discovery Regional Market
4.7 Product Growth Matrix
4.8 Life Cycle Analysis, By Region, 2021
4.9 Life Cycle Analysis, By Region, 2016

5 E-Discovery Market Overview (Page No. – 26)
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market Segmentation
5.2.1 By Solution
5.2.2 By Deployment Type
5.2.3 By Service Type
5.2.4 By Vertical
5.2.5 By Region
5.3 Evolution
5.4 Market Dynamics
5.4.1 Drivers Focus on Decreasing Operational Budget of Legal Departments Global Increase in Litigations Stringent Compliance With Policy and Regulations Worldwide Increase in Mobile Device Penetration and Usage
5.4.2 Restraints High Cost Associated With E-Discovery Solutions and Services Contradiction Between Data Protection and E-Discovery
5.4.3 Opportunities Rise in Demand for Predictive Coding Increased Usage of Social Media Websites
5.4.4 Challenges Lack of Awareness About E-Discovery Increase in Cross Border E-Discovery

6 E-Discovery Market: Industry Trends (Page No. – 35)
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Value Chain Analysis
6.2.1 E-Discovery on – Premises Solution Providers
6.2.2 E-Discovery Cloud Solution Providers
6.2.3 E-Discovery Service Providers
6.2.4 Industry Verticals
6.3 Architecture
6.4 Industry Standards and Regulations
6.4.1 Introduction
6.4.2 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
6.4.3 General Data Protection Regulation
6.4.4 Electronic Communications Privacy Act
6.4.5 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
6.4.6 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

7 E-Discovery Market Analysis, By Solution (Page No. – 40)
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Legal Hold
7.3 Early Case Assessment
7.4 Data Processing
7.5 Technology Assisted Review
7.6 Data Production

8 E-Discovery Market Analysis, By Deployment (Page No. – 50)
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Cloud
8.3 On-Premises

9 E-Discovery Market Analysis, By Service Type (Page No. – 56)
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Consulting
9.3 Implementation
9.4 Training and Support
9.5 Managed Services

10 E-Discovery Market Analysis, By Industry (Page No. – 62)
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Government
10.3 Legal Sector
10.4 Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
10.5 Energy and Utilities
10.6 Healthcare
10.7 Travel and Hospitality
10.8 Transportation and Logistics
10.9 IT and Telecom
10.10 Media and Entertainment
10.11 Others

11 Geographic Analysis (Page No. – 73)
11.1 Introduction
11.2 North America
11.3 Europe
11.4 Asia-Pacific
11.5 Middle East and Africa
11.6 Latin America

12 Competitive Landscape (Page No. – 94)
12.1 Overview
12.2 Competitive Situation and Trends
12.2.1 New Product Launches / Upgradation
12.2.2 Partnerships, Agreements, and Collaborations
12.2.3 Mergers and Acquisitions
12.2.4 Expansions

13 Company Profiles (Page No. – 99)
13.1 Introduction
13.2 Xerox Corporation
13.2.1 Business Overview
13.2.2 Products and Services Offered
13.2.3 Recent Developments
13.2.4 MnM View Key Strategies SWOT Analysis
13.3 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp
13.3.1 Business Overview
13.3.2 Products Offered
13.3.3 Recent Developments
13.3.4 MnM View Key Strategies SWOT Analysis
13.4 IBM Corporation
13.4.1 Business Overview
13.4.2 Products Offered
13.4.3 Recent Developments
13.4.4 MnM View Key Strategies SWOT Analysis
13.5 FTI Consulting, Inc.
13.5.1 Business Overview
13.5.2 Products Offered and Services Offered
13.5.3 Recent Developments
13.5.4 MnM View Key Strategies SWOT Analysis
13.6 Guidance Software, Inc.
13.6.1 Business Overview
13.6.2 Solutions and Services Offered
13.6.3 Recent Developments
13.6.4 MnM View Key Strategies
13.7 Kcura LLC
13.7.1 Business Overview
13.7.2 Products Offered
13.7.3 Recent Developments
13.7.4 MnM View Key Strategies SWOT Analysis
13.8 Accessdata
13.8.1 Business Overview
13.8.2 Product and Services Offered
13.8.3 Recent Developments
13.8.4 MnM View Key Strategies
13.9 Zylab
13.9.1 Business Overview
13.9.2 Solutions Offered
13.9.3 Recent Developments
13.9.4 MnM View Key Strategies
13.10 Exterro, Inc.
13.10.1 Business Overview
13.10.2 Products Offered
13.10.3 Recent Developments
13.10.4 MnM View Key Strategies
13.11 Nuix
13.11.1 Business Overview
13.11.2 Products Offered
13.11.3 Recent Developments
13.11.4 MnM View Key Strategies

14 Appendix (Page No. – 126)
14.1 Other Developments
14.1.1 Other Developments: New Product Launches, 2014–2016
14.1.2 Other Developments: Partnerships, Agreements, and Collaborations, 2014–2016
14.2 Industry Excerpts
14.3 Discussion Guide
14.4 Introducing RT: Real Time Market Intelligence
14.5 Available Customizations
14.6 Related Reports


■ タイトル:Eディスカバリの世界市場予測(~2021)
■ 英文:E-Discovery Market by Solution (Legal Hold, Early Case Assessment, Data Processing, Data Production), Service (Consulting, Implementation, Training & Support, Managed), Deployment Type (CLOUD, On-premises), and Vertical - Global Forecast to 2021
■ 発行日:2016年11月8日
■ 調査会社:MarketsandMarkets
■ 商品コード:MAM-TC-3605
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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