【英文タイトル】Kazakhstan Trade of Natural Barium Sulphate (barytes): Import, Export, Market Prospects




1.1. Copper tubes and pipes description
1.2. Kazakhstan share in world trade of Natural barium sulphate (barytes)
1.3. Trends in Kazakhstan exports and import of Natural barium sulphate (barytes) (2002-2012)


2.1. Key consumers of Natural barium sulphate (barytes) from Kazakhstan (2002-2012)
2.2. Kazakhstan exports of Natural barium sulphate (barytes), segmented by region and country


3.1. Major suppliers of Natural barium sulphate (barytes) for Kazakhstan (2002-2012)
3.2. Kazakhstan imports of Natural barium sulphate (barytes), segmented by region and country



■ タイトル:Kazakhstanの硫酸バリウム市場:貿易(輸入、輸出)動向
■ 英文:Kazakhstan Trade of Natural Barium Sulphate (barytes): Import, Export, Market Prospects
■ 発行日:2014年5月
■ 調査会社:BAC Reports
■ 商品コード:BACR408047
■ 調査対象地域:地域未分類
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