Alliant Energy Corporation:発電所及びSWOT分析2013...市場調査レポートについてご紹介

【英文タイトル】Alliant Energy Corporation - Power Plants and SWOT Analysis, 2013 Update



Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
List of Tables 7
Company Snapshot 8
Key Information 8
Company Overview 8
SWOT Snapshot 8
Operational Metrics 9
Alliant Energy Corporation, Operational Metrics, By Customers 9
Alliant Energy Corporation, Operational Metrics, By Segmental Information 9
Alliant Energy Corporation, Operational Metrics, By Sales 9
Alliant Energy Corporation, Wind Farms 10
Alliant Energy Corporation, Wind Farms, United States 10
Alliant Energy Corporation, Hydro Power Plants 11
Alliant Energy Corporation, Hydro Power Plants, United States 11
Alliant Energy Corporation, Thermal Power Plants 12
Alliant Energy Corporation, Thermal Power Plants, United States 12
Business Description 15
Business Overview 15
Major Products and Services 16
History 17
SWOT Analysis 19
Overview 19
Alliant Energy Corporation Strengths 19
Huge Customer and Network Base 19
Strong Support of Utility Operations 19
Increased Profitability Ratios 20
Alliant Energy Corporation Weaknesses 20
Debt Obligations 20
Litigations and Lawsuits 20
Alliant Energy Corporation Opportunities 20
Stimulus for Renewable Energy 20
Environmental Compliance Plan 20
Growth in US Electricity Market 21
Alliant Energy Corporation Threats 21
Stringent Environment Regulations 21
Oil and Gas Price Fluctuations 21
Operational Faults 21
Company Financial Ratios 22
Financial Ratios – Capital Market Ratios 22
Financial Ratios – Annual Ratios 22
Financial Ratios – Interim Ratios 23
Key Employees 24
Key Employee Biographies 25
Company Statement 26
Locations And Subsidiaries 27
Head Office 27
Other Locations & Subsidiaries 27
Financial Deals Landscape 28
Alliant Energy Corporation, Deals Summary 28
Alliant Energy Corporation, Power, Deal Details 30
Asset Transactions 30
Wisconsin Power and Light Acquire Neenah Energy Facility 30
Partnerships 31
Evergreen Solar Partners With RMT 31
Interstate Power and Light Enters Into Partnership With Prairie Lands Bio-Products 32
Equity Offering 33
Interstate Power and Light Completes Public Offering Of 5.1% Series D Preferred Shares For US$200 million 33
Debt Offering 35
Interstate Power and Light Prices Public Offering Of 4.7% Debentures Due 2043 For US$250 Million 35
Wisconsin Power and Light Completes Public Offering Of 2.25% Debentures Due 2022 For US$250 Million 36
Interstate Power And Light Completes 3.65% Senior Debentures Offering For US$200 Million 38
Wisconsin Power Completes Public Offering Of US$150 Million 40
Interstate Power And Light Completes Public Offering Of US$150 Million 42
Alliant Energy Issues 4% Senior Notes Offering For US$250 Million 43
Wisconsin Power Completes Public Offering Of US$250 Million 5% Debentures Due 2019 44
Interstate Power and Light Completes 6.25% Senior Notes Offering For US$300 Million 45
Interstate Power Completes Public Offering Of US$250 Million 7.25% Senior Debentures Due 2018 46
Wisconsin Power Completes Public Offering Of US$250 Million 7.6% Debentures Due 2038 47
Wisconsin Power Completes Public Offering Of US$300 Million 6.375% Debentures Due 2037 48
Asset Transactions 49
Southern Minnesota Energy To Acquire Electric Distribution Business In Minnesota From Alliant Energy 49
ITC Midwest Acquires Transmission Assets From Interstate Power And Light 50
Interstate Power and Light Sells Its Utility Business Assets To Jo-Carroll Energy 52
Asset Finance 53
Wisconsin Power Acquires Riverside Energy Center From Calpine For US$400 Million 53
WPL Acquires 25% Stake In Edgewater Generating Station Unit V For US$38 Million From Wisconsin Electric Power 54
Alliant Energy To Invest US$475 Million In Bent Tree Wind Farm, U.S. 55
Wisconsin Power And Light Acquire Neenah Generating Facility From Alliant Energy Resources 56
WPL Acquires Bent Tree Wind Farm From Wind Capital Group 57
Wisconsin Power & Light ToInvest US$1,300 Million For Cassville Power Plant 58
Alliant Energy To Invest US$1,200 Million For Coal-Fired Power Plant In Missouri, U.S. 59
Alliant Energy Invests US$450 Million In Whispering Willow Wind Farm In Iowa, U.S. 60
Interstate Power and Light Acquires Wind Power Farm From Iowa Winds 61
Interstate Power and Light Acquires Eclipse Wind Farm From Clipper Windpower 62
Acquisition 63
Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives Completes Acquisition Of RMT, Renewable Energy Services Provider, From Alliant Energy 63
Recent Developments 65
Alliant Energy Corporation – Recent Developments 65
Jun 30, 2008: WPL Files Permit Application For Bent Tree Wind Farm 65
Jun 06, 2008: WPL Files CPCN Application With PSCW For Proposed Bent Tree Wind Farm In Minnesota 65
Apr 30, 2008: Alliant Receives Approval From IUB For Sutherland Generating Station Unit 4 65
Feb 07, 2008: IPL Receives Wind Ratemaking Principles Decision From IUB 66
Jul 23, 2013: Alliant Energy to consolidate operations in Dubuque County 67
Jan 10, 2011: East Buchanan Community Schools Partner With Alliant Energy For Future Energy-Efficient Building 67
Oct 25, 2010: Interstate Power Partners With City Of Perry For LED Lighting Pilot Program 67
Sep 15, 2010: Alliant Energy And MidAmerican Energy Help Build Energy-Efficient School 67
Aug 24, 2010: Alliant Energy And All Saints Parish Partner To Invest In Energy-Efficiency 68
Jun 26, 2009: Alliant Energy And Iowa School District To Conduct Geothermal Study 68
Jul 29, 2008: WPL Chooses Five Companies To Establish Biomass Supply Chain 69
Nov 28, 2007: Alliant Subsidiary, CIPCO, Corn Belt Sign Joint Operating Agreement For SGS Unit 4 69
Mar 26, 2012: Titan Energy To Spud First Well In Newly Acquired US Project Area 69
Oct 23, 2013: Alliant Energy Corporation Announces Third Quarter 2013 Earnings And 2014 Financial Guidance Release And Conference Call 70
Oct 01, 2013: Alliant Energy Corporation declares common stock dividend 70
Aug 02, 2013: Alliant Energy announces Second Quarter 2013 results 70
May 03, 2013: Alliant Energy Reports Revenue Of $859.6m In Q1 2013 71
Feb 14, 2013: Alliant Energy Reports Revenue Of $3.1 Billion In 2012 72
Nov 09, 2012: Alliant Energy Reports Revenue Of $887.6m In Q3 2012 73
Aug 03, 2012: Alliant Energy Reports Revenue Of $690.3m In Q2 2012 73
May 04, 2012: Alliant Energy Reports Revenue Of $765.7m In Q1 2012 74
Feb 10, 2012: Alliant Energy Reports Revenue Of $3.7 Billion In 2011 75
Nov 03, 2011: Alliant Energy Reports Revenues Of $1 Billion In Q3 2011 76
Aug 04, 2011: Alliant Energy Reports Operating Revenues Of $819.5m In Q2 2011 76
May 05, 2011: Alliant Energy Reports Operating Revenues Of $945m In Q1 2011 77
Feb 10, 2011: Alliant Energy Reports Operating Revenues Of $3.41 Billion In 2010 77
Oct 29, 2010: Alliant Energy Reports Net Income Of $153.7 Million For Q3 2010 78
Aug 05, 2010: Alliant Energy Reports Operating Revenues Of $741.6 Million In Q2 2010 79
May 04, 2010: Alliant Energy Reports Operating Revenues Of $891.3 Million In Q1 2010 79
Feb 04, 2010: Alliant Energy Reports Net Income Of $129.7 Million In 2009 79
Oct 30, 2009: Alliant Energy Reports Q3 2009 Results 80
Aug 06, 2009: Alliant Energy Reports $29.1 Million Net Income In Q2 2009 81
Apr 30, 2009: Alliant Energy Reports Net Income Of $72.6 Million In Q1 2009 82
Feb 12, 2009: Alliant Subsidiaries Declares Quarterly Dividends 82
Feb 05, 2009: Alliant Energy Reports 2008 Results 82
Jan 16, 2009: Alliant Declares Quarterly Dividend 83
Nov 14, 2008: Alliant Subsidiaries Declares Quarterly Dividends 83
Oct 31, 2008: Alliant Reports 3Q 2008 Results 84
Oct 17, 2008: Alliant Declares Quarterly Dividend 84
Aug 06, 2008: Alliant Declares 2Q 2008 Results 84
Jul 23, 2008: Alliant To Declare 2Q 2008 Results 85
Jul 15, 2008: Alliant Declares Quarterly Dividend 85
May 01, 2008: Alliant Declares Q1 2008 Results 85
Apr 11, 2008: Alliant Declares Quarterly Dividend 86
Feb 06, 2008: Alliant Declares Q4 2007 Results 86
Jan 18, 2008: Alliant Declares Quarterly Dividend 87
Dec 19, 2007: Alliant To Release 2008 Financial Guidance 87
Nov 02, 2007: Alliant Energy Reports Q3 2007 Results 87
Oct 12, 2007: Alliant Declares Quarterly Dividend 88
Aug 06, 2007: Alliant Declares Q2 2007 Results 88
Jul 13, 2007: Alliant Declares Quarterly Dividend 89
May 04, 2007: Alliant Declares Q1 2007 Results 89
Apr 13, 2007: Alliant Declares Quarterly Dividend 90
Feb 08, 2007: Alliant Declares Q4 2006 Results 90
Jan 12, 2007: Alliant Declares Quarterly Dividend 92
Oct 02, 2013: Alliant Energy bringing energy-efficient technology to Tomah streetlights 92
Sep 26, 2013: Alliant Energy continues work on $345 million air quality control technology project at the Ottumwa Generating Station 92
Aug 29, 2013: Alliant Energy To Install LED Streetlights In Baraboo City, Wisconsin 93
Aug 22, 2013: Alliant Energy bringing energy-efficient technology to Prairie du Chien streetlights 93
Aug 12, 2013: Alliant Energy To Upgrade Electric Infrastructure In West Madison And Verona Areas 93
Aug 07, 2013: Alliant Energy working on Power Iowa project in Boone 94
Jul 29, 2013: Alliant Energy brings energy-efficient technology to Platteville streetlights 94
Jul 29, 2013: Susan Whiting appointed to Alliant Energy Corporation Board of Directors 95
Jul 24, 2013: Alliant Energy bringing energy-efficient technology to Fond du Lac streetlights 95
Jul 16, 2013: Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin utility files request for 2014 electric rate adjustment 96
Jul 15, 2013: Alliant Energy bringing energyefficient technology to Verona streetlights 96
Jul 08, 2013: Alliant Energy bringing energyefficient technology to Sheboygan streetlights 96
Jun 26, 2013: Alliant Energy bringing energy-efficient technology to Portage streetlights 97
May 24, 2013: Alliant Energy To Improve Electrical System In Cedar County, Iowa 97
Mar 11, 2013: ATC Energizes Rockdale-West Middleton Transmission Line 98
Dec 14, 2012: Alliant Energy Names Thomas Hanson As CFO 98
Dec 11, 2012: Franklin County Wind Farm Begins Producing Energy In Iowa 99
Dec 11, 2012: Alliant Energy Helps Lakeside Foods Save Energy With Plant Upgrades 99
Apr 11, 2012: Luther College Of Iowa Announces Completion And Start-up Of Wind Power Project 99
Mar 16, 2012: Alliant Energy To Energize New Cedar Rapids Substation 100
Mar 14, 2012: WPL To Begin Power Wisconsin Project In Platteville In March 2012 100
Feb 23, 2012: WPL Completes Power Wisconsin project In Fond du Lac, US 101
Feb 22, 2012: WPL To Start Power Wisconsin Project In Nekoosa, US 101
Feb 22, 2012: IPL Starts Work On Power Iowa Project In Lowden, US 101
Jan 25, 2012: WPL To Start Work On Power Wisconsin Project 102
Jan 20, 2012: Alliant Energy Announces Retirement Of William Harvey As Chairman And CEO 102
Oct 11, 2011: Alliant Energy Helps Eastern Iowa Airport To Improve Lighting Energy Efficiency 102
Oct 10, 2011: WPL Provides Update On Environmental Upgrade At Edgewater Generating Station Unit 5 103
Jul 26, 2011: Alliant Energy Appoints Patrick Allen To Board 103
Jul 19, 2011: IPL Customers In Iowa And Minnesota Set New Peak For Electricity Use 103
May 11, 2011: Alliant Energy Elects John Kratchmer As Vice President And Treasurer 104
May 05, 2011: EPA To Ensure Safety Of Alliant Energy’s Coal Ash Impoundments At Burlington, Iowa 104
Feb 09, 2011: Alliant Energy Elects Patricia Kampling As President And COO 104
Jan 27, 2011: Vestas Provides Update On Bent Tree Project In Albert Lea, US 105
Dec 30, 2010: WPL Receives Approval To Expand Biomass Test Burns 105
Dec 22, 2010: Alliant Energy Announces Retirement Of Kathleen Lipp, Chief Environmental Officer 105
Dec 01, 2010: HACAP Uses New Energy-Efficient Efforts For Iowa Families 106
Nov 16, 2010: Lee County Correctional Center Improves Energy Efficiency 106
Nov 03, 2010: Alliant Energy Appoints James Gallegos As Vice President 106
Oct 19, 2010: Alliant Energy Announces Electrical Line Upgrade Project In Iowa, US 107
Oct 07, 2010: Allied Blending Installs New Lighting System In Its Keokuk Plant 107
Aug 27, 2010: Alliant Energy’s $1.2 Million Electric Substation Project Nears Completion In Wapello, US 107
May 20, 2010: Alliant Energy Not To Construct Any Coal-Fired Power Plants In Near Future 108
Mar 16, 2010: Alliant Energy Completes Energy-Efficiency Project At 18 Wisconsin Armories 108
Mar 01, 2010: Diverse Group Of Electric Utilities Launch Coalition For Fair Transmission Policy 109
Jan 26, 2010: State Regulators Reject Settlement Proposed By Customer Groups For Minnesota Wind Farm Dispute 109
Jan 14, 2010: LCH Properties Receives $28,289 Financial Incentive For Renewable Energy Project 110
Dec 15, 2009: Alliant Energy Announces Executive Promotions 110
Dec 11, 2009: Alliant Energy’s Subsidiary IPL Begins Commercial Operation Of Whispering Willow Wind Farm In Iowa 110
Nov 03, 2009: Alliant Energy Appoints Kay Pashos As VP, Regulatory Affairs And Deputy General Counsel 111
Sep 09, 2009: Alliant Energy’s Whispering Willow-East Wind Farm’s First 200 MW To Become Online In 2009 111
Sep 08, 2009: Alliant Energy Releases Annual Environmental Report 111
Jun 01, 2009: WPL Buys 300 MW Natural Gas-Fired Plant In Wisconsin 111
May 24, 2009: Alliant Energy Postpones Decision To Construct Coal-Fired Power Stations 112
May 06, 2009: Cedar Rapids Council Decides Not To Use Public Funds To Reconstruct Alliant Energy’s Coal Plant 112
Feb 25, 2009: Janesville’s Zoning Board Allows Residential Solar Panel 113
Feb 04, 2009: IPL Receives Oral Decision From IUB For Sutherland Unit-4 In Iowa 113
Jan 28, 2009: IPL To Partially Restart Prairie Creek Generating Station 113
Dec 12, 2008: Alliant Announces Senior Management Changes 114
Dec 02, 2008: Alliant Updates On Solar PV Project At University Of Wisconsin-Rock County 114
Nov 11, 2008: Alliant’s Proposal To Expand Nelson Dewey Plant Rejected By PSCW 114
Nov 05, 2008: IPL Invests $30 Million In New Emission Reduction Technologies At Sutherland Generating Station 115
Oct 13, 2008: IPL Continues Work On Emissions Reduction Projects At Lansing Generating Station 115
Sep 17, 2008: Alliant Energy Completes Realignment Of Operations Center 116
Jun 20, 2008: Alliant Moves Forward With Plans To Reconnect Cedar Rapids Downtown Business District 116
Jun 12, 2008: WPL Announces Steps To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 116
May 27, 2008: Alliant Completes Construction Of Harvest Wind Farm In Michigan 117
May 16, 2008: IPL To Invest In New Emission Reduction Controls At Lansing Generating Station 118
Apr 25, 2008: WPL Receives Interim Order In Fuel And Purchased Power Cost Rate Adjustment Request 118
Apr 23, 2008: Alliant Files Its 2009-2013 Proposed EEP With IUB 118
Mar 25, 2008: Alliant Starts Work On Electric System Upgrade In Clear Lake 119
Mar 13, 2008: Alliant Receives Notice Of Intent To Sue 119
Mar 13, 2008: Alliant To Begin Next Phase Of Electrical System Upgrade In Milton 120
Feb 28, 2008: Alliant To Enhance Electric Distribution System In Manchester 120
Feb 08, 2008: IPL Proposes To Permanently Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 120
Feb 05, 2008: Alliant Appoints Director Of Public Affairs 121
Jan 07, 2013: Vestas Secures Service And Maintenance Contract For 121 Wind Turbines In Iowa, US 122
Dec 08, 2011: Alliant Energy Awards Wind Farm Maintenance Contract To Outland Energy Services 122
Jun 02, 2008: Vestas Receives Order From Alliant 122
Jul 02, 2007: Alliant Subsidiary Purchase Wind Turbines From Vestas 123
May 29, 2007: We Energies Selects Alliant Energy WindConnect For Blue Sky Wind Project 123
Apr 25, 2007: Alliant Subsidiary To Buy Iowa Wind Farm Development, Turbines From Clipper 123
Appendix 124
Report Scope 124
GlobalData Coverage 124
GlobalData’s Methodology 124
Secondary Research 124
Primary Research 124
Contact Us 125
Disclaimer 125


■ タイトル:Alliant Energy Corporation:発電所及びSWOT分析2013
■ 英文:Alliant Energy Corporation - Power Plants and SWOT Analysis, 2013 Update
■ 発行日:2013年10月31日
■ 調査会社:GlobalData
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