燃料電池技術の分析:Analyzing Fuel Cell Technology...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



A. Executive Summary

B. Introduction
B.1 Historical Perspective of Fuel Cells
B.2 The Design of a Fuel Cell
B.3 How Does a Fuel Cell Work?
B.4 Looking at the Different Parts of a Fuel Cell
B.4.1 Membrane Electrode Assembly
B.4.2 Catalyst
B.4.3 Hardware

C. Types of Fuel Cells
C.1 Metal Hydride Fuel Cell
C.2 Electro-galvanic Fuel Cell
C.3 Formic Acid Fuel Cell
C.4 Zinc-Air Fuel Cells
C.5 Microbial Fuel Cell
C.6 Reversible Fuel Cell
C.7 Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell
C.8 Alkaline Fuel Cell
C.9 Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
C.10 Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell
C.11 Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
C.12 Flow Battery
C.13 Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell
C.14 Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell
C.15 Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cell
C.16 Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
C.17 Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
C.18 Regenerative Fuel Cells
C.19 Metal Air Fuel Cells
C.20 Fuel Cells Minus Membranes

D. Looking at Fuel Cell Efficiency
D.1 Energy Cell Efficiency
D.2 Efficiency in Practice

E. Looking at Hydrogen Production Sources
E.1 Introduction
E.2 Biological and Photobiological Systems
E.3 Coal Gasification
E.4 Electrolysis
E.5 Fossil Fuels
E.6 Industrial Wastes
E.7 Photoelectrochemical Systems
E.8 Thermal Processing
E.9 Thermochemical Water Splitting

F. Challenges & Issues in the Industry
F.1 Issues with Fuel Cell Design
F.2 Cost Issues
F.3 Durability & Reliance Issues
F.4 Storage Problems
F.5 Size & Weight Issues
F.6 Fuel Flexibility
F.7 Air Management
F.8 Availability of Hydrogen
F.9 Performance Requirements
F.10 Integrated Fuel Cell Systems
F.11 Low Operating Temperature of Fuel Cells
F.12 Safety Concerns
F.13 Need for Technological Improvements
F.14 Public Support
F.15 Challenges in Transportation Purposes

G. Applications of Fuel Cells
G.1 Fuel Cells in the Transportation Sector
G.2 Fuel Cells and Portable Power
G.3 Fuel Cells in the Military
G.4 Fuel Cells & Wastewater Treatment Plants
G.5 Residential Applications
G.6 Applications in Telecommunications

H. Regulatory Framework & Issues
H.1 Initiatives by the US Department of Energy

I. Necessity of Research & Development
I.1 Introduction
I.2 R&D Expenditure

J. Looking at Micro Fuel Cells
J.1 Introduction
J.2 Workings of a Micro Fuel Cell
J.3 Micro Fuel Cell vs. Conventional Fuel Cell
J.4 Challenges in the Growth of Micro Fuel Cells
J.4.1 Cost Issues
J.4.2 Regulatory Challenges
J.4.3 Technological Barriers
J.4.4 Growing Competition in the Industry
J.5 Market Profile of Micro Fuel Cells
J.6 Market Forecast

K. Exploring the Market Potential of Fuel Cells

L. Future Outlook for Fuel Cell Industry

M. Industry Players & Industry Initiatives
M.1 Astris Energi Inc.
M.2 Ballard Cells
M.3 California Fuel Cell Partnership
M.4 Canon
M.5 Casio
M.6 Cellex
M.7 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
M.8 DaimlerChrysler
M.9 Dynetek Industries
M.10 Englehard Corporation
M.11 Entegris, Inc.
M.12 Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd.
M.13 FuelCell
M.14 FuelCell Energy, Inc.
M.15 Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
M.16 GVB
M.17 H2 Partners
M.18 Hitachi
M.19 IdaTech
M.20 Jadoo Power
M.21 Mercedes Benz
M.22 Motorola
M.23 MTI Micro Fuel Cells
M.24 NTT DoCoMo Inc.
M.25 Palcan Fuel Cells
M.26 Plug Power
M.27 Proton Energy Systems
M.28 Sanyo Electric
M.29 TeliaSonera AB
M.30 Tokai
M.31 Toshiba

N. Looking at Initiatives by State
N.1 Alabama
N.2 Alaska
N.3 Arizona
N.4 Arkansas
N.5 California
N.6 Colorado
N.7 Connecticut
N.8 Delaware
N.9 District of Columbia
N.10 Florida
N.11 Georgia
N.12 Hawaii
N.13 Idaho
N.14 Illinois
N.15 Indiana
N.16 Iowa
N.17 Kansas
N.18 Kentucky
N.19 Louisiana
N.20 Maine
N.21 Maryland
N.22 Massachusetts
N.23 Michigan
N.24 Minnesota
N.25 Mississippi
N.26 Missouri
N.1 Montana
N.1 Nebraska
N.1 Nevada
N.1 New Jersey
N.1 New Mexico
N.1 New York
N.1 North Carolina
N.1 North Dakota
N.1 Ohio
N.1 Oklahoma
N.1 Oregon
N.1 Pennsylvania
N.1 Rhode Island
N.1 South Carolina
N.1 South Dakota
N.1 Tennessee
N.1 Texas
N.1 Utah
N.1 Virginia
N.1 Washington
N.1 West Virginia
N.1 Wisconsin
N.1 Wyoming

O. Appendix

P. Glossary of Terms


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