浸透膜発電の分析:Analyzing Osmotic Power...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



A. Executive Summary

B. Introduction
B.1 Overview
B.2 Ocean Sources of Renewable Energy
B.3 Why Opt for Salinity Gradient Power?

C. What is Osmotic Power?
C.1 Overview
C.2 History of Osmotic Power
C.3 Understanding the Salinity Gradient Power
C.4 Mechanics & Concepts of Salinity Gradient Power
C.5 Understanding the Osmotic Process: Brief Profile
C.5.1 Reverse Electrodialysis
C.5.2 Pressure Retarded Osmosis
C.5.3 Vapor Compression
C.5.4 Hydrocratic Generator
C.6 Potential Power Production
C.7 Pros and Cons of the Process
C.8 Power Plant Designs
C.8.1 Sea Level PRO Power Plant
C.8.2 Sub-sea PRO Power Plant
C.8.3 PRO Power Plant Below Sea Level
C.8.4 Energy Efficiency of Plant Designs
C.9 Power Plants Using Osmosis
C.9.1 SHEOPP Converter
C.9.2 Underground PRO Plant
C.10 Development Trends
C.11 Future Perspective

D. Environmental Impact

E. In-depth Analysis of the Osmotic Power Process
E.1 Process Overview
E.2 Salt Permeability
E.3 Concentration Polarization

F. In-depth Analysis of the Reverse Osmosis Process

G. In-depth Analysis of the Pressure Retarded Osmosis Process
G.1 Process Overview
G.2 Using PRO for Power Generation
G.3 Conclusion

H. Hybrid OP-RO Process

I. Energy Analysis of the Osmotic Power Process

J. Financial Aspects of Osmotic Power

K. Potential of Osmotic Power

L. Commercial Potential of Osmotic Power

M. Technological Potential of Osmotic Power

N. Case Study: Statkraft’s Osmotic Power Technology
N.1 Overview
N.2 System Analysis
N.3 Development of the Membrane
N.4 Consideration for the Environment
N.5 Energy Potential
N.6 Investment in the System and Future Price Analysis
N.7 Feasibility in terms of Technology, Commercialization & Environment
N.7.1 Technological Feasibility
N.7.2 Commercial Feasibility
N.7.3 Environmental Feasibility
N.8 Conclusion

O. Case Study: World’s First Osmotic Power Plant in Norway’s

P. Case Study: Producing Energy from Salinity Gradients at Ijmuiden, Netherlands
P.1 Introduction
P.2 System Profile
P.3 Computational Model Utilized
P.3.1 Estuarine Level
P.3.2 Module Level
P.4 Results of the Study
P.5 Conclusion

Q. Analysis of Statkraft AS
Q.1 Corporate Profile
Q.2 History of the Company
Q.3 Key Employees
Q.4 Business Segment Analysis
Q.5 Major Products & Services
Q.6 Financial Analysis
Q.7 SWOT Analysis
Q.7.1 Strengths to Build Upon
Q.7.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
Q.7.3 Opportunities to Exploit
Q.7.4 Threats to Overcome
Q.8 Future Perspective

R. Analysis of Flowserve Corporation
R.1 Corporate Profile
R.2 History of the Company
R.3 Key Employees
R.4 Business Segment Analysis
R.5 Major Products & Services
R.6 Financial Analysis
R.7 SWOT Analysis
R.7.1 Strengths to Build Upon
R.7.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
R.7.3 Opportunities to Exploit
R.7.4 Threats to Overcome
R.8 Future Perspective

S. Analysis of Energy Recovery, Inc.
S.1 Corporate Profile
S.2 History of the Company
S.3 Key Employees
S.4 Business Segment Analysis
S.5 Major Products & Services
S.6 Financial Analysis
S.7 Future Perspective

T. Appendix

U. Glossary of Terms


■ タイトル:浸透膜発電の分析:Analyzing Osmotic Power
■ 発行日:2013年12月
■ 調査会社:Aruvian’s R’search
■ 商品コード:ARUV40131279
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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