南アフリカのバイオ燃料産業分析:Analyzing the Biofuel Industry in South Africa...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



Executive Summary

Section 1: Understanding Biofuels

A. What are Biofuels?
A.1 History of Biofuels
A.2 Major Biofuels
A.3 Uses of Biofuels
A.4 What are Direct Biofuels?
A.5 Looking at Biobutanol
A.6 Looking at Ethanol & Biodiesel
A.6.1 Ethanol
A.6.2 Biodiesel
A.7 Pros & Cons of Biofuels
A.8 Future of Biofuels

B. Economics of Biofuels
B.1 Feedstock Costs
B.2 Processing Costs
B.3 Cost of Sales & Use
B.4 Overall Cost
B.5 Retail Cost & Tax Incentives

C. Impact of Biofuels
C.1 Policy Impact on Biofuels
C.1 Environmental & Economic Impact of Biofuels
C.1 Impact on Engines
C.1 Impact on Rural Development

D. Metamorphosis of the Energy Industry & Biofuels

Section 2: Looking at South Africa’s Energy Industry

A. Overview of South Africa’s Energy Industry

B. Analyzing the Oil Market in South Africa
B.1 Market Profile
B.2 Market Structure
B.3 Oil Exploration & Production
B.4 Refining & Downstream
B.5 Synthetic Fuels

C. Analyzing the Natural Gas Market in South Africa
C.1 Market Profile
C.2 Market Structure
C.3 Pipeline Network

D. Analyzing the Coal Market in South Africa

Section 3: Analyzing South Africa’s Biofuel Industry

A. Introduction to the Industry
A.1 Overview
A.2 Biofuels in South Africa as Compared on a Global Scale
A.3 South African Government Policy towards Biofuels
A.4 Market Statistics & Profile
A.5 Biofuels, Supply Security & Fuel Diversity
A.6 Agricultural & Rural Development and Biofuels
A.7 Biofuels’ Impact on Job Creation in the Country
A.8 Biofuel Value Chain Analysis
A.9 Crop Variety
A.10 Production of Feedstock
A.11 Biofuels Production Infrastructure
A.12 Biofuels Production Co-products
A.13 Environmental Impact of Biofuel Production
A.14 Biofuel Production Costs
A.15 Determining the Selling Price
A.16 Risks to the Development of the Biofuel Industry

B. Analyzing the Incentive Options for the South African Biofuel Industry
B.1 Learning from the International Experience
B.2 Choices Available for South Africa
B.3 Incentives related to Trade

C. Analyzing the Market Suitability of Biodiesel & Bioethanol

D. Factors Driving the Growth of Biofuels in South Africa

E. Analyzing the Macroeconomic Effect of Biofuels in South Africa
E.1 Overview
E.2 The Aspect of Economic Growth
E.3 Role of the Biofuel Industry in Job Creation
E.4 Role of the Biofuel Industry in Generating Household Income
E.5 Effect of the Production of Biofuels on National Accounts
E.6 Impact on the Trade Policy of South Africa
E.7 Role of The Sugar Act of 1978

F. Biofuel Production and the Threat to South Africa’s Food Security

G. Analyzing the Commercial Production of Biodiesel in South Africa
G.1 Introduction
G.2 Looking at the Potential Biodiesel Market Size
G.3 Policies for the Development of the Biodiesel Market
G.3.1 Tax Incentives
G.3.2 Purchasing Power of the Government
G.3.3 Developing Fuel Quality Standards
G.3.4 Fostering Public-Private Sector Partnerships
G.3.5 Increasing Public Support & Awareness
G.3.6 Policies related to Subsidies & Blending Mandates
G.3.7 Price Compensation Agreement
G.3.8 Auditing of Carbon Credits under the Kyoto Protocol
G.3.9 Placing of Import Tariff on Biofuels
G.4 Role of the Government in the Commercialization of Biodiesel
G.5 Financial Viability of Biodiesel Production
G.6 Plant Size Optimization & Plant Location
G.7 Capital Investment Requirements
G.8 Manufacturing Costs

H. Leading Industry Players
H.1 Ethanol Africa
H.2 Sasol

Section 4: Conclusion

A. Appendix

B. Glossary of Terms


■ タイトル:南アフリカのバイオ燃料産業分析:Analyzing the Biofuel Industry in South Africa
■ 発行日:2013年12月
■ 調査会社:Aruvian’s R’search
■ 商品コード:ARUV40131151
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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