中国のエネルギー産業分析:Analyzing China’s Energy Industry...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



A. Executive Summary

B. Introduction to the Chinese Energy Market
B.1 Industry Definition
B.2 Foundations of China’s Energy Market
B.3 China Energy Market – Present Day
B.4 Growing Energy Consumption of the Country
B.5 Energy Production Sources in China
B.6 Traditional Energy Reserves in China
B.7 Chinese Energy Situation ? Coal Intensive
B.8 China Energy Market Feed Segmentation
B.9 China Energy Outlook – Conventional & Non Conventional

C. Energy Demand Supply Dynamics ?Key Sectors
C.1 Coal
C.2 Oil
C.3 Natural Gas
C.4 Energy from the Atom
C.5 Water Nature’s Clean Energy
C.6 China ? Recognising the Mega Potential of Renewable Energy

D. Key Industry Trends
D.1 Progressive Economic Growth and Energy Consumption
D.2 China Energy Sources Feeding Consumption Growth
D.3 Oil Dependant Energy Production in China
D.4 Transportation of Energy across China
D.5 Capitalising on Gas Storage

E. Denominations of Challenges
E.1 The Kyoto Protocol ? A Landmark
E.2 Increasing Economic Activity – Is Energy Keeping Pace?
E.3 Facing the Environmental Challenge
E.4 Impact of Inflationary Oil Prices
E.5 Oil Politics Threatening Energy Security

F. Analyzing the Chinese Energy Industry in a PEST Framework
F.1 Political Features
F.2 Economic Features
F.3 Social Features
F.4 Technological Features

G. The Chinese Energy Industry in Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis
G.1 Bargaining Power of Buyer
G.2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
G.3 Competitive Rivalry in the Industry
G.4 Threat of New Entrants
G.5 Threat of Industry Substitution
G.6 Conclusion

H. Supplements to Growth
H.1 Role of the Government
H.2 Macroeconomic Growth
H.3 Capitalising on New & Renewable Energy Potential
H.4 Natural Gas as an ‘In-Demand’ Energy Source
H.5 Symbiotic Growth of the Energy Equipment Sector

I. Framework of Energy Development & Regulation
I.1 Focus on Renewable Energy Development Law
I.2 Aligning to WTO Objectives
I.3 SOE Control
I.4 Taxing Carbon Emission
I.5 Decentralising for Energy Growth

J. Understanding Energy Economics
J.1 Link between GDP & Energy Growth
J.2 Development of Infrastructure
J.3 Economic Environment Face Off
J.4 Capital Investment and Financing

K. Leading Players
K.1 China Coal Import and Export Group
K.2 China International Water and Electric Corp. (CWE)
K.3 China National Chemicals Import and Export Corporation (Sinochem)
K.4 China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)
K.5 China National Petroleum Corporation (PetroChina)
K.6 China National Star Petroleum
K.7 China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec)
K.8 China State Power Corp.
K.9 China United Petrochemical Corp. (UNIPEC)
K.10 Huaneng Group Inc.
K.11 National Nuclear Industry Corp.

L. Energy Forecast for China
L.1 Petroleum Forecast
L.2 Forecast of Oil Demand

M. Appendix

N. Glossary of Terms


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