世界の風力タービン市場分析:Analyzing the Global Wind Turbine Market...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



A. Executive Summary

B. Introduction to Wind Power
B.1 A Clean Green Energy ? Wind Power
B.1.1 What is Wind Power?
B.1.2 How does it Work?
B.2 Brief History of Wind Power
B.3 Electricity from Wind
B.4 How do Wind Turbines Work?
B.5 Wind Power Technology
B.6 Wind Power Markets
B.7 Accommodating the Variable Nature of Wind Power

C. Looking at the Wind Turbine Industry
C.1 Importance of Wind Power
C.2 Evolution of the Wind Turbine Industry
C.2.1 Technical Challenge of a Unique Technology
C.2.2 Aerodynamic Stall
C.2.3 Fatigue Cycles
C.2.4 Development of Commercial Technology
C.3 Market Overview
C.4 Global Wind Power Industry
C.5 Global Offshore Wind Power Industry
C.5.1 Role of Utilities in Offshore Wind
C.5.2 Supply Challenges

D. Looking at the Wind Turbine Technology
D.1 Expected Technology Evolution
D.2 The Generation Technology
D.3 Weight and Cost
D.4 Offshore Wind Turbine Technology

E. Operation and Maintenance of Wind Turbines
E.1 Wind Turbines and Wind Speed
E.2 Wind Turbine Availability
E.3 Stand-alone and Grid-connected Small Wind Turbines

F. Materials Used in Current Wind Turbines
F.1 Market Overview
F.2 Future Component Development

G. Wind Turbines: Power and Size
G.1 Overview
G.2 Small Wind Systems
G.2.1 Home Average Needs & Wind Turbine Production
G.3 Large Wind Turbines
G.4 Mega Wind Turbines Power
G.5 Micro Wind Turbines
G.6 Number of Wind Turbines Required

H. How Does a Wind Turbine Work?
H.1 Components of Wind Turbines
H.1.1 Sub Components
H.2 Production Methods
H.3 Raw Materials
H.4 Architecture of a Modern Wind Turbine
H.5 Design Drivers for Modern Technology

I. Analysis of Small Wind Turbines
I.1 Overview
I.2 Markets and Applications for Small Wind Turbines
I.3 Evolution of Commercial SWT Technology
I.4 Isolated Applications
I.5 Very Small Systems
I.6 Hybrid Systems
I.7 Wind-Diesel Systems
I.8 Grid-Connected Applications
I.9 Market Development
I.10 Grid-Connected Systems
I.11 Technology Trends and Recent Developments

J. Market Facts
J.1 Overview
J.2 Competition in the Market
J.3 Key Market Trends
J.4 The Demand Side
J.5 Offshore Market
J.6 Turbine Numbers and Size
J.7 Trends in Established Markets

K. Impact of the Credit Crunch on the Global Wind Turbine Industry

L. Wind Turbine Market Opportunities
L.1 Specific Markets
L.1.1 Europe
L.1.2 United States
L.1.3 China
L.1.4 India
L.2 Opportunities in Wind Technology

M. Major Market Profiles

N. Analyzing Industry Trends
N.1 Competitive Trends
N.1.1 Market Players
N.1.2 Large Turbine Manufacturers
N.2 Trends in the Danish Wind Turbine Market
N.3 Trends in the German Wind Turbine Market
N.4 Trends in the Spanish Wind Turbine Market
N.5 Looking at Tariff Measures
N.5.1 U.S. Tariff and Nontariff Measures
N.5.2 Foreign Tariff Measures
N.6 Trend of Globalization
N.7 Primary Customers for Wind Turbines
N.8 Factors Affecting Wind Turbine Demand

O. Analyzing the Wind Turbine Supply Chain
O.1 Current Situation
O.2 Specific Conclusions for Key Components and Materials in the Supply Chain
O.2.1 Blades
O.2.2 Gearboxes
O.2.3 Electric Generators
O.2.4 Large Bearings
O.2.5 Power Converters
O.2.6 Power Transformers
O.2.7 Castings
O.2.8 Forgings
O.3 OEM’s in the Wind Turbine Supply Chain
O.4 Nacelle Components

P. Analyzing Strategy Profiles
P.1 Overview
P.2 Blade Manufacturers
P.3 Gearbox Suppliers
P.4 Tower Manufacturers
P.5 Research and Development

Q. Market Forecast
Q.1 Future Perspective
Q.2 Future Technology Trends
Q.2.1 Blade and Rotor Design
Q.2.2 Generator
Q.2.3 Manufacturing Specializations
Q.2.4 Concentration of Manufacturers
Q.2.5 Off-Grid
Q.2.6 Grid Connected

R. Leading Industry Players
R.1 Global Wind Turbine Generators
R.1.1 Acciona
R.1.2 Enercon
R.1.3 Gamesa
R.1.4 GE Energy
R.1.5 Goldwind
R.1.6 Nordex
R.1.7 REpower Systems AG
R.1.8 Siemens
R.1.9 Suzlon
R.1.10 Vestas
R.2 Global Gear Box Makers
R.2.1 Bosch Rexroth AG
R.2.2 Echesa
R.2.3 Hansen
R.2.4 Moventas
R.3 Global Generator Makers
R.3.1 ABB
R.3.2 Shanghai Electric
R.3.3 NSK
R.4 Global Blade Manufacturers
R.4.1 Knight & Carver

S. Appendix

T. Glossary of Terms


■ タイトル:世界の風力タービン市場分析:Analyzing the Global Wind Turbine Market
■ 発行日:2013年12月
■ 調査会社:Aruvian’s R’search
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■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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