世界の太陽光発電産業トレンド:Trends in the Global Solar Photovoltaics Industry...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



A. Executive Summary

B. Understanding Photovoltaics
B.1 Overview
B.2 Historical Background of Solar Cells
B.2.1 Timeline
B.3 Photovoltaic Systems
B.4 Looking at the Balance of System (BOS)
B.5 Analyzing the 3 Generations of Photovoltaic Cells
B.5.1 First Generation PV Cells
B.5.2 Second Generation PV Cells
B.5.3 Third Generation PV Cells
B.6 What are Concentrator Cells?
B.7 Applications of Solar Cells
B.7.1 Application Examples
B.8 Types of Solar Cells
B.9 Photovoltaic Technology
B.9.1 Solar Glazings and Laminates
B.9.2 From Module to BIPV System
B.9.3 Facade Integrated Modules
B.9.4 Roof Integrated Modules
B.9.5 Crystalline Silicon Technology
B.9.6 Thin Film Technology
B.9.7 Other Cell Types
B.10 Solar Cell Materials – Production and Features
B.10.1 Silicon
B.10.2 Polycrystalline Silicon Production
B.10.3 Mono-crystalline Silicon Production
B.11 PV Technology in Isolated Generation

C. Economics of Photovoltaics
C.1 Overview
C.2 Investment Costs
C.3 Electricity Price – Towards Grid Parity
C.4 Feed-In Tariffs

D. Environmental and Health Impacts of Photovoltaic Technologies
D.1 Overview
D.2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Environmental Impacts

E. Photovoltaic Standards
E.1 Terminology
E.2 Standards Referring to Solar Cells and Modules
E.3 PV Measurements
E.4 Standards for Photovoltaic Systems
E.5 Standards for Other Parts/Components of Photovoltaic Systems
E.6 ASTM Standards
E.7 UL Standards

F. Looking at Industry Trends
F.1 Market Overview
F.2 Present-day Photovoltaic Industry
F.3 Future Perspective
F.4 Key Actions: 2010-2020
F.5 Solar Resource and Regional Shares of Global PV Capacity
F.6 Large-scale Photovoltaic Power Plants

G. Country Trends
G.1 Australia
G.2 Austria
G.3 Canada
G.4 Japan
G.5 Korea
G.6 Malaysia
G.7 Mexico
G.8 United Kingdom
G.9 China
G.10 India
G.11 European Union
G.12 United States of America

H. Appendix
H.1 Manufacturers of Solar Photovoltaics
H.2 Figures & Tables

I. Glossary of Terms


■ タイトル:世界の太陽光発電産業トレンド:Trends in the Global Solar Photovoltaics Industry
■ 発行日:2013年12月
■ 調査会社:Aruvian’s R’search
■ 商品コード:ARUV40131233
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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