エネルギー産業におけるベンチャーキャピタル動向:Analyzing Venture Capital Options in the Energy Industry...市場調査レポートについてご紹介



A. Executive Summary

B. Venture Capital Overview
B.1 Intricacies of VC Financing
B.2 SEED Capital Infusion
B.3 Pioneers of the VC Industry
B.4 Operational VC Markets
B.4.1 United States
B.4.2 Rest of the World
B.5 Trends in the VC Industry
B.6 Expected Trends in the Future
B.7 Alternative Equations to VC Support
B.8 Strategy Orientation of VC Firms
B.9 Corporate Investment Participation by VC Firms
B.10 Entry Opportunities for VC Firms
B.11 Exit Strategies for VC Firms
B.12 Securing Investment through Valuations

C. Powering Energy Markets – VC Capital
C.1 Prelude of VC Activity in the Energy Industry
C.2 Volatile Energy Market Constituents
C.3 VC Appetite for Energy Markets
C.4 Influencers on Energy VC Earnings
C.5 Stratagems in Energy VC Industry
C.6 Energy VC Opportunities on the Future Highway
C.7 Why VCs Require an In-depth Knowledge of the Energy Sector
C.8 Restructuring of the Global Electric Power Industry & Opportunities for VCs

D. Energy VC Investment Phases
D.1 Investment Scenario
D.2 Energy VC ? Areas of Investment Interest
D.3 Energy VC’s ? Quantum of Investment Initiative
D.4 Process Flow in Energy VC Investment Delivery
D.5 Unlocking Sustainable Energy Opportunities – Investing Ahead
D.6 Profile of VC Investment in Energy
D.7 Investment Gradients to Energy Technology

E. Role of Political Will

F. Unconventional Energy VC Opportunity Trends

G. Energy VCs Breaking New Frontiers ? Fuel Cells
G.1 Introduction
G.2 Fuel Cells – Promising Future for Energy VCs
G.3 Fuel Cells ? Will They Really Work?

H. Major VC Funding by Energy Sectors
H.1 Biofuels
H.2 Coalbed Methane
H.3 Hybrid Electric Vehicles
H.4 Solar Energy
H.5 Wind Power

I. European Corporate VC Interest ? Sustainable Energy
I.1 Organizational Layout of Prominent CVCs
I.2 Investment Flow Influencers
I.3 Sustainable Energy Corporate VCs Leading the Way
I.4 Energy Company CVC Activity ? Win-Win Activity
I.5 Conclusion

J. Major Energy VC Presence
J.1 Altira Group
J.2 ARC Financial Group
J.3 Aret? Corporation
J.4 Battery Ventures
J.5 Braemar Energy Ventures
J.6 Chrysalix Energy Management
J.7 EnerTech Capital
J.8 GFI Energy Ventures
J.9 Haddington Ventures
J.10 Hydro Qu?bec CapiTech
J.11 Nth Power
J.12 Pangaea Ventures
J.13 Prospect Capital Corporation

K. Other Energy VCs
K.1 ACCERA Venture Partners AG
K.2 Advantage Capital Partners
K.3 Advent International Corporation
K.4 Angeleno Group
K.5 BankInvest Technology
K.6 Blue Hill Partners
K.7 Carbon Trust
K.8 CDP Capital – Technology Ventures
K.9 E2Venture Fund
K.10 Endeavor Capital Management
K.11 Energy Ventures Group
K.12 Expansion Capital Partners
K.13 FA Technology Ventures
K.14 FE Clean Energy Group
K.15 GE Commercial Finance Energy Financial Services
K.16 Hydrogenica Partners
K.17 Insight Venture Partners
K.18 Kinetic Ventures
K.19 Koch Genesis
K.20 NGEN Partners
K.21 Norsk Hydro Technology Ventures
K.22 OPG Ventures
K.23 Perseus
K.24 RockPort Capital Partners
K.25 RWE Dynamics
K.26 Schneider Electric Ventures
K.27 Sustainable Energy Ventures
K.28 Ventures West
K.29 Yaletown Venture Partners

L. Case Study: Evergreen Solar VC Project

M. Appendix
M.1 VC Resources and Organizations
M.2 Figures & Tables

N. Glossary of Terms


■ タイトル:エネルギー産業におけるベンチャーキャピタル動向:Analyzing Venture Capital Options in the Energy Industry
■ 発行日:2013年12月
■ 調査会社:Aruvian’s R’search
■ 商品コード:ARUV40131028
■ 調査対象地域:グローバル
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